Denaby Utd – Leicester Res 1 Denaby 3

3 September 1907

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 03 September 1907

Leicester Fosse Reserve 1            Denaby United 3

Hubbard                                              Betts, Moseley, Speight                                Attendance 3,000

Although rain was falling, nearly 3,000 people saw Leicester Fosse Reserve open at Filbert Street last evening.

Fosse played two first team men in Shanks and Starbuck, and Denaby were at full strength. The visitors were the more prominent at the outset, Dyal twice showing a good turn of speed, and making magnificent centres, which, however, were not turned to advantage. At the other end Bracey sent the ball prettily across to Shanks, for that player to head on to the bar. From long kick by Beard, the Denaby left wing got down splendidly; Speight centred, and though Starbuck cleared, the ball went out to Betts, who with a clear goal sent wide —a bad mistake.

Straight from this the Fosse left attacked, and. Hubbard opened their account. Ten minutes later Denaby got terms, for after two abortive corners Moseley and Betts got through, and the latter beat Starbuck with a shot which he reached, but could not divert. The Fosse combination improved as the interval approached, but the narrowest escape the goal had was from a veritable daisy-cutter Shanks, which just passed across the mouth of goal.

Interval:—Fosse Res., 1 goal; Denaby United, 1

The second half saw Denaby in fine form, and at the very outset their forwards were busy. Ball had hard luck in just missing the target, but Speight was to blame for a lost opportunity. Fosse had a turn of attacking, but Lawley and Beard prevented them becoming very dangerous. Then Betts had a chance, but shot feebly. Beard hereabouts put in several splendid headers and clearing kicks, and from one of the latter Moseley came into possession. He seemed to have caught the Fosse defence napping, for, except for Godwin, no one was there stop him. With the ball at his foot he got by the Fosse back, and finished up with a clinking shot, giving Starbuck no chance.

Five minutes from the end Speight took a corner in splendid style, and with Moseley and Betts both rushing the goalkeeper, the latter only touched the ball to carry it through.

Result: Denaby United . 3 goals. Leicester Fosse Res 1 goal.

Fosse Reserves. —Starbuck, goal; Keogh and Godwin, backs; Trueman, King, and West, half-backs; Bracey, Hubbard, B. W. Vann, Shanks, and R. F. Turner, forwards.

Denaby United.—Hancock, goal; Lawley and Beard, backs; Nimrod, Kelly, and Bindley, half-backs; Dyal, Betts, Moseley, Ball, and Speight, forwards.