Denaby Utd – Mexborough Town 1  Denaby 2 – The Great Match – Three ” Soft ” Goals.

28 December 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 28, 1907

The Great Match.
Mexboro’ Beaten By Denaby.
Three ” Soft ” Goals.

Mexborough Town 1  Denaby United 2

After three months of varying fortunes, the Great rivals of the Don Valley, Mexboro’ Town and Denaby United, came together, on the afternoon of Christmas Day; on the Town ground, before a great holiday crowd. The match, which for some weeks ‘previously has been the subject of excited discussion by the backing of both sides, drew football lovers from every part, the cars and the trains being well loaded.

Half-an-hour before the advertised time of the kick-off the ropes round the side of the pitch were well lined and the grand stand was full to overflowing long before the players made their appearance. Among the crowd were all the elements of noisy enthusiasm, and the air was rent with unnameable noises, from sundry paper trumpets. The “ring “ also was bright with favours. Probably the opening, would be witnessed by 5000 people,

Disappointing News

The day was perfectly calm the slight frost of the morning having worn off, the ground was in ideal condition for a fast game. The Denaby team were the first to appear, and they were heartily cheered by what was evidently a strong Denaby backing. Much surprise was expressed around the ground, when the dark visage and the dark jersey of Bennett did not appear, he had received another nasty knock in the Gainsborough match, and his standing down sent the spirits of the Denaby contingent to something like zero. A few minutes later the Mexborough team, along with Mr Parkin, and the teams lined up as follows:

Mexborough Town: Tayles;  Thackeray, Birch; Windle, Moralee, Gosling; Lowe, Crowcroft, Burkinshaw, Beech, Hibberd,

Denaby United: Hancock; Ramsden, Marshall; Hofton; Kelly, Nimrod; Ball; Speight, E, Dyal, Lindley, Blackburn,

Bennett’s place was just taken by one of the best reserves, and at left half, a position which during the absence of Mitchell is vexing the Denaby management sorely, the erstwhile centre forward, often, was brought in.

Mexborough Opened Briskly.

Denaby won the toss, and Mexborough opened matters by kicking uphill, and immediately Hibberd forced a couple of corners. The pressure was exceedingly hot, and Lowe, Crowcroft, and Beech made desperate attempts to put through, Hancock putting behind again.

In a rush to the other end Windle’s lengthy form came in useful in a bout with Ball, A bit of good work by Moralee resulted in Beech centring nicely, but in the final ,movement Burkinshaw’s pass was a little too fast for Beech.

Denaby got down, but a beautiful flying centre from Blackburn went for nothing. Denaby had another try, but Ball’s centre went behind. Then Marshall gave away a corner, but the danger was cleared, and for a space’ play ruled very even, though once a wonderful shot, from Beech might easily have scored.

Burkinshaw secured, and sent out to Hibberd, who returned the ball beautifully low from the centre to head sharply into Hancocks hands, the Denaby Custodian clearing finely. Mexboro,’ were hereabouts, having the whole of the play, and Burkinshaw was very dangerous. He appeared likely to score once when he was charged down in the goal-mouth.

A Remarkable Shot.

From a free-kick, a pretty duet between Blackburn, and Lindley promised well, but the movement was broken up by Gosling. Then Beech got well away but he finished rather wildly, though he got in a couple of good shots a minute later. A lovely centre from Hibberd was, pushed over the bar, and returning to the attack, Burkinshaw hard upon Marshall, who miskicked behind the line. Lowe took the kick, and the ball swerved in, being misjudged by Hancock, and allowed to slip into the net amid a scene of wild excitement.

This success came after twenty minutes’ play, and Mexboro’ played up with redoubled vigour.

At the Mexboro’ end, a corner kick was unproductive, though a free-kick for a foul on Dyal, looked dangerous until Spefight put Kelly’s pass out.

Mexboro’ raced, up once more, and Burkinshaw and Crowcroft only managed to nibble at a lovely cross shot from. Hibberd, which Hancock managed to clear. Beech was much nearer, within a minute later, he kicked over his shoulder in a scrimmage to the cross bar the, on Hancock beaten. An injury to the dashing inside left’s face caused a slight stoppage.

Resuming Denaby, in the course of a hot assault, Thackeray came too and cleared his lines magnificently time after time. When the interval was called Mexboro’ were leading by the solitary goal, and this margin of play should have been considerably more.

There had only been one team in it, and that was Mexboro’.

Early in the second half  Denaby took a more active part in the proceedings, and offside by Ball spoiled a poetising movement on the right. Another promising movement on the right occurred in the Denaby quarters, Lowe beating three men and sending ill a hot shot from the flag for Hancock t-o cope with.

Denaby’s “Soft” Goal.

A corner fell to Denaby, and Blackburn’s kick was beautifully placed, though the danger was cleared. Brut Nimrod set up a nice movement, Dyal and Lindley trying hard to break through. Denaby were playing with a great deal more spirit now, and managed to control a good share of the play. Dyal tried a low and slow shot at goal not by any means a daisy cutter. Tayles, remembering his experience at Clifton Lane, took great pains to save it, and did so with difficulty. But Dyal had another try, and this time it pulled off, for Tayles going on his knees to the shot and fumbled it baldly and wretchedly, and there was nothing more for Kelly to do than to put the ball into the open goal, an easy task which did not take much doing. And there followed a great shout from the Denaby contigent.

A little later in the excitement of a tussle in the Mexboro’ quarters, Dyal was badly kicked, and not long afterwards the same forward was doubled up in pain. But he pegged away, and with the light failing every second, he pegged away for a final rush Ito the other end.

Then Dyal found himself 15 yards from goal, with five or six men round him, waiting to see what he would do so he tried another chance shot at goal, and again it came off. It was a better shot than the first hard and low, and with plenty of “stuff ” on it. ; Tayles clutched at the ball, but again he made a terrible mess, of it. The ball struck him on the shoulder, and bounded into the net another “soft” goal,

Then with but a few minutes to play, and that in more than semi-darkness all was over. Mexboro’ made a brief visit to the bottom end, but Hibberd’s centre went behind. Five minutes before the conclusion, the people had. Lost all  interest in the match, and were leaving the ground in the hundreds Result:-

Denaby United………… 2 goals.

Meboro’ Town………… 1 goal.