Denaby Utd – Wombwell Main 1 Denaby 0 – Denaby’s Remarkable Defeat.

28 December 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 28, 1907

Sheffield Challenge Cup
Denaby’s Remarkable Defeat.

Wombwell Main 1 Denaby United 0

The visit of Denaby United to Wombwell Main, on Saturday, in this competition, proved a great disappointment to the followers of the Midland Leaguers, who were beaten by the narrow margin of one goal in a hard-fought game.

There were 600 spectators assembled on the recreation ground to witness the match. The home team were at full strength, while the visitors’ team included several reserves. The goal posts stood in a perfect quagmire, which put accurate shooting out of the question, the players having considerable difficulty in keeping their feet.

Winning the toss, the home team defended the village goal. In the first ten minutes’ play the visitors pressed heavily, and Holmes, in goal, was called on several times to clear.- Eventually ‘Wombwell got going, Nuttall, at centre-half, being very conspicuous, feeding the right wing with accurate judgment. Howard and Wragg made several .advances, but were met by a stubborn defence. By clever combination and pretty passing, the visitors’ forwards carried the play into the home territory, and out of a scrimmage in goal the ball was sent just past the post.

Denaby continued to hold the advantage, E. Dyal on the left displaying considerable speed, but appeared to be abroad in his centre. Sykes and Womersley, however, relieved the pressure, and Nuttall, getting pots-session, gave Hancock a capital shot to deal with which he cleared in excellent style. After this Wombwell were conceded a corner, kick gave them a good chance of scoring, Liversidge sending in a terrific shot, the ball rebounding off one of the visitors’ backs. The home then at this point were showing superior form, and gave the visitors’ defence some trouble, but their chances were weakened by shooting at long range. Denaby were pressing when the interval was reached, but neither side had scored.

From the restart Wombwell forced the pace which severely taxed defence for some time Hancock having several stinging shots to deal with from Howard and Liversidge.

After 20 minutes play the Howard received the ball from the left-wing, who was found him in a good position, and practically uncovered by the backs. Taking full advantage of the opening, he sent in a lightning shop, which struck the inside of the door post and rebounded into the net stop Hancock having no chance whatever to say. After this Denaby renewed their efforts, and tried hard to equalise. Holmes on one occasion making a clever save. The game was excited to the finish, but no further scoring took place