Denaby Welfare Sacrifice £1000: They Want Own Ideas

February 1947

South Yorkshire Times, February 22, 1947

Catching Them
Denaby Welfare Sacrifice £1000: Want Own Ideas

Coalminers are by tradition independent folk. And the trustees of Denaby and Cadeby  Miners Welfare Scheme are no exception.

Mr Tom Hill, their president, told me on Saturday that rather than sacrifice their independence in the management of new physical culture club for local youths which they are erecting on a site adjoining Denaby United’s football ground at Tickhill Square, they have turned down an offer of £2,000 from the miners welfare authorities and accepted £1,000 instead.

Mr Hill explained that the £2,000 offer was subject to an agreement that the trustees would permit the building to be than in accordance with detailed arrangements, but, said Mr Hill “We prefer to run our own scheme in our own way. For instance. We believe that youth must be caught young – younger than the age of 14 the authorities at present prescribe. We want youngsters from the age of 12, and to put our own ideas into practice we decided to take the £1,000.

The erection of the building already in progress, is being held up by timber, but Mr Hill is not a man to remain idle in face of setbacks; he told me he had already taken certain steps to guarantee that the youth of Denaby in Conisbrough were not prevented an instant longer than necessary from enjoying the facilities the club proposed to provide. Plans for the hall include the provision of a boxing ring and the engagement of a dancing instructress to teach youth dancing when they are really young. “Boys and girls should know how to dance long before they reach the age of 18. Dancing is a wholesome pastime.” He said.