Denaby Wife’s Unhappiness

January 1917

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 6, 1917

Denaby Wife’s Unhappiness

A Denaby pony driver, named Albert Rayner, was summoned by his wife Elsie for persistant cruelty.

The case was before the court a month ago, and adjourned, the magistrates deciding that the man should pay his wife 15 shillings a week.

The complainant now appeared and told the court that her husband had not paid anything, and further had stated that he did not intend doing.

After the previous hearing he went to her mother’s house, where she was living, and gave both her and her mother a good hiding. As a result she was in bed three days.

She married defendant in 1912, there being one child three years old. Six weeks ago he turned her out because he could not get money to go gambling with.

Defendant did not appear, and an order of separation with 15 shillings a week alimonet was made.