Denaby Women – General Copley Disappointed

June 1917

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 30, 1917

Denaby Women
General Copley Disappointed

A dispute between two Denaby women call for severe comment from the chairman, Brig Gen R.C.A. Bewick Copley, C.B.

Elsie Vickers was summoned by Annie Anderson for using violent and abusive language and there was a cross summons by Vickers against Anderson for threats, when, according to the evidence, a good deal of bad language was used.

The chairman said it was a very unsatisfactory state of affairs.

“Here we are at war with Germany,” he proceeded, “on the question of what is right, good and wholesome, and we look at our women to set an example of what is clean and sweet and wholesome.

Yet every Saturday we have these petty cases of women using threats of violent or abusive language to each other, language that certainly should never proceed from the lips of women.

In this case we think one is as bad as the other. They will be bound over for six months.