Denby Utd – Denaby 1  Grantham 1 – Managed to Save a Point

7 September 1957

South Yorkshire Times September 7, 1957

Denaby Managed to Save a Point

Denaby United 1  Grantham 1

Although Denaby United were outplayed in the first 60 minutes of their game with Grantham at Denaby on Saturday, they rallied in the last 30 minutes to force a 1-1 draw and save a point.

Grantham took the lead, deservedly, after 14 minutes when they centre forward, was now, broke through the Denaby defence and gave goal keeper Smethurst no chance.

Throughout the first of the Grantham forwards combine well and looked much better than the Denaby line, although the latter tried more shots at goal and did the Grantham men.

Both sides week in front of goal and the Grantham forwards seemed as though they wanted to dribble the ball into the goal, so often do they lose the ball in trying to defeat a defender instead of shooting.

Denaby centre forward Martin, was a try throughout the game, but was afforded little room by the Grantham defence. A short after 60 minutes from a centre by outside right Foster only just went over the bar however, Grantham hung on to their lead until half-time.

After 60 minutes Denaby’s inside left, Lee, broke through on his own, beating several Grantham defenders, just as everyone was getting ready to cheer the equaliser, he shot weakly at goalkeeper Brown, who made an easy save.the equaliser came five minutes later, however, when Egan raced to Grantham defenders for the ball. He looked to have no chance with Grantham defender on either side of him and slightly from, but somehow he got a foot to the ball before a defender could clear and shot past Brown.

This goal, the better of the two, seemed to give Denaby new life and they set about the task of getting another. But the Grantham defence stood up to the test well.