Distinguished Visitors – US Ambassador and Lord Hyndley.

May 1947

South Yorkshire Times May 17, 1947

Distinguished Visitors
Conisbrough to Welcome US Ambassador and Lord Hyndley

Conisbrough Urban Council finance committee were informed on Wednesday by Councillor G. Cheshire, J. P. , that as chairman of the council, he had received an invitation from Major General Sir Noel G Holmes, chairman of the North-Eastern Divisional Coal Board, to meet the American ambassador (Mr Lewis Douglas) and prominent member of the National Coal Board on Monday

Auspicious Occasion

Coun. H. Gomersall, committee chairman, stated that it was rather an auspicious occasion, and the council were very pleased that this invitation had been made because it would give the council an opportunity through their chairman of letting those men know – it was understood they were going down Denaby Main Colliery – how interested they were in the full implementation of mines nationalised.

The council confirmed a finance committee recommendation that Coun. Cheshire and the officials consult with a view to an appropriate welcome being extended to the visitors.

Ambassadors Visit

The United States Ambassador is visiting two South Yorkshire collieries on Monday on the invitation of Lord Hyndley, National Coal Board Chairman.

He will tour underground workings at Denaby Main Colliery in the morning and go to Yorkshire Main Colliery in the afternoon.

The Ambassador is by training a mineral mining engineer and this will be his first visit to a colliery in this country. He will fly to Sheffield on Sunday evening and on Monday morning will go down Denaby Main Colliery, accompanied by Lord Hyndley, Major General Sir Noel G Holmes, Mr C W Phillips and Mr J Hunter, respectively Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Production Director of the North-Eastern Divisional Coal Board.

The party will also include Mr Arthur Horner, NUM general secretary, Mr JA Hall and Mr WE Jones (President and Secretary of the Yorkshire area of the NUM respectively).

They will lunch at Denaby and go to Yorkshire Main colliery in the afternoon. Invitation to attend lunch had been extended to the Lord Lt of the county, the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, the Mayor of Rotherham and the Chairman of the Mexborough and Conisbrough Urban Councils.