Easter in Conisborough

April 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 22, 1927

Easter in Conisborough

The Easter holidays just concluded will long be remembered. There has been an abundance of the first essential for a beneficial holiday – glorious weather conditions, which favoured an out of doors holiday.

Good Friday opened with promise of that, and earlier up there was a large influx by road, scores upon scores of motor vehicles bringing in loads of laughing parties.

The opening of the half completed Pastures Bridge enabled the Barnsley Traction Company to utilise their Leyland Lions, and they brought hundreds of visitors. The blue bus service was also augmented and its quota of visitors was a heavy one. The Mexborough and Swinton tramways trolley buses brought lots of persons, and many were even content to ride on the old type of vehicle which was used to help out the bigger and newer buses.

The two fields adjoining the station were packed with the usual nerve wracking noisemaking concerns, and the crowd seemed to enjoy it, and the “fun of the fair” continued into the early hours of Saturday morning. As the hours wore on there were occasional “scraps,” but the local police handled the great crowd with admirable tact so that there were no unseemly occurrences. The abundance appeared to be up to the average, and if not above.

Not all those who came patronise the fairgrounds. The Castle grounds presented a lively appearance all day long, and the new rustic seats and the tea garden which Mr Lewis Smith, the custodian, has just completed, were a boon to visitors, who took the fullest advantage of them. The Cliffs attracted many visitors, and the delightful walks had an unceasing stream of “traffic.” The weather was suitable for boating and the Don presented an animated scene.

Similar conditions obtained on Monday but if anything the Castle grounds came in for the major portion of the visitors. The grounds were filled with a light-hearted crowd all day, and during the afternoon the Conisborough Subscription Brass Band gave a concert which was much appreciated.

Many curious glances were cast at the Cadeby Colliery, but there was nothing for the inquisitive to see, the fire having left hardly any traces, though on Monday fitters could be observed in the headgear placing the new ropes in position.