End of the Coal Dispute – All Pits Working after 7 Months Idleness

December 1926

Mexborough and Swinton Times, December 3rd 1926

End of the Coal Dispute
All Pits Working after 7 Months Idleness
The Yorkshire Agreement
A Three Year Covenant
Increased Minimum

The following is the text of the new wages agreement settled between the mine owners of Yorkshire and the Yorkshire miner’s Association.

    1. A wages Board for the joint districts of South and West Yorkshire to be constituted forthwith, consisting of two sides, in equal numbers, one side being persons chosen jointly by the South Yorkshire Coal Trade Association and the other side being persons chosen by the Yorkshire Mineworkers Association.
    2. The Wages Board (hereafter called the “Board”) shall draw up its own rules of procedure, which shall include a provision for the appointment of an independent chairman.
    3. All questions of basic wages, hours of employment, and conditions of working at coal mines in the South Yorkshire coalfield shall be dealt with in that district; and all such matters in West Yorkshire in that district; and none of these matters shall form the subject of discussion or settlement under this agreement.

The agreement goes on to clarify the minimum rate of pay (32%) and hours of work. (Surface 48 hours South Yorkshire, 49 hours West Yorkshire; underground 7 ½ hour shift + Satuday short shift.