Explosion Near Conisborough

June 1887

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 24, 1887

The Explosion Near Conisborough

A terrible explosion occurred near Conisborough on Friday night on board a trading vessel belonging to Raymond Dawson, of Thorne.

Dawson was bringing a cargo of 68 barrels of paraffin and a mixed cargo of timber and iron from Hull to Sheffield. The vessel was closely hatched down and the weather being very hot, it is supposed that the paraffin had evaporated, and that the heat of the sun caused an explosion.

Part of the timber with the masts and other things, were thrown to a height of 60 feet. The captain and mate were only slightly injured, and were removed to the Doncaster infirmary, but they left the institution the following day.

The captain’s wife and daughter were also on board, fortunately a small boat was close at hand, and they were removed in safety, a subscription been raised to pay for their journey home.

The vessel became enveloped in flames, was completely destroyed, the damage, in respect of the cargo amounted to £400.

On Sunday several hundreds of persons visited the scene of the disaster