Extra Food Supplies Anomaly – A Vigorous Protest

March 1947

South Yorkshire Times March 8, 1947

Extra Supplies Anomaly
Mexborough and Conisbrough Protest

A vigorous protest has been made on behalf of Mexborough and Conisbrough by Mr R. Dunn. Food executive officer for both urban districts, to the east and west riding divisional food office against the omission of the two townships from the published list of areas planned to benefit under the More Food for Miners scheme.

Mr Dunn told the South Yorkshire Times on Monday that the protest was entered within a day of the details of areas being published. It had been pointed out that the two areas, particularly Conisbrough, where predominately mining communities.

County Coun. B. Roberts. JP chairman of Conisbrough food control committee informed the “Times” on Wednesday that he was to call a meeting of the Committee next week, probably Wednesday, to discuss the position so far as Conisbrough was concerned.