Fighting Brothers Drew a Crowd at Denaby

September 1957

South Yorkshire Times September 14, 1957

Fighting Brothers
Drew a Crowd at Denaby

A crowd gathered in a Denaby street when two brothers—one in shirt sleeves—were fighting each other and had to be separated by the police. Less than a year ago, Doncaster West Riding Magistrate; were told on Friday, both men had been convicted—for fighting each other.

“This nuisance has got to stop.” said the Chairman (Mr. S. C. Hacking) when the brothers, James Shelton (26), miner, of Ash Grove, Conanby and Frederick Shelton (26), crane driver, of Cliff View, Denaby, were fined a total of £3 each and bound over for a year after pleading guilty to conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace, interrupting the free passage of the highway by fighting and being drunk and disorderly.

It was stated that P.C. Agus was on duty in School Walk, Denaby, when he heard a commotion and saw a number of people standing In the roadway. In the centre of the crowd he found the two brothers fighting.

Later, James Shelton was alleged to have said, “It happens when we’ve had beer.”