Hospitality for Germans

May 1947

South Yorkshire Times May 24, 1947

Hospitality for Germans

German prisoners of war from Rave field camp are getting over to Conisbrough these days are being received with traditional Yorkshire hospitality.

Some of them – five at the evening gathering and three in the afternoon – were interested members of the congregations at New Hill Methodist church Sunday school anniversary and others are also attending Parish Church services. Two in particular are regular attenders at Matins. They either walk over or hitch hike.

In Canby the men are being given a particularly Yorkshire welcome and they are deeply appreciative of the kindnesses offer them.

One Conisbrough woman told me on Monday that although she had not received any of the prisoners into her home she had help by letting a friend and her husband were entertaining some of the prisoners have some food and she had made gifts to a parcel which was been sent to Germany to the men’s relatives.

Another Conisbrough resident was introduced to prisoners by giving them a lift in his car. He invited them into the house for a meal and they have continued their visits since.