House Robbery at Conisborough

October 1897

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 29, 1897

House Robbery at Conisborough

A house robbery attended with peculiar circumstances is reported to have taken place in Wellgate at an early hour on Saturday morning.

Mr George Wood, whose house is  supposed to be visited by some burglar, is a local secretary of the Glass Workers Sick and Dividing Society, at the time of the robbery had close upon £20 belonging to that society, which had been taken in addition to his weeks wages bringing the amount up to £22.

Information was lodged with the police who found upon examination that a square of zinc had been cut from the pantry window, and strange to say have been cut from the inside. This would seem to point in the direction of the burglar having been in the house when Wood was asleep and in bed.

It is contrary to the rules of the society for the Treasury to have more than £5 in hand.

A meeting of the committee of the society has been called to decide what further steps to take, but their decision has not yet be made known.