Ivanhoe Club

January 1927

Mexborough & Swinton Times, January 7, 1927

Ivanhoe Club

In 1919 a small group of residents in the Ivanhoe Road district held a meeting on a piece of vacant land in the street and decided to form a club.

Shares of 5s. were taken out, a house was rented in Athelstane road and a club formed. Soon the next house also was taken in and in less than two years all loans were repaid with interest. Then the members began to cast about for larger premises and eventually a £4,000 mortgage was taken out with Messrs. Sam Smith, of Tadcaster.

Mr. W. B. Wells negotiated the purchase of a plot of land in Ivanhoe road at a very convenient figure and at a cost of less than £3,000 a commodious club with accommodation for 500 members arose and was available for their use in November. It contains a billiard and concert hall, lounge, smoke room, committee rooms, and indoor lavatories, whilst all the rooms can be served from a centrally situated bar, and the steward can watch every room from his post. Electric lighting has been installed and the members are to be congratulated on their achievement. Membership is increasing daily.

The officials are, Mr. G. Harrison, president; Mr. H. Stevenson, treasurer; Mr. W. Banks, secretary; with Messrs. P. Kerr, C. walker and W. Long, trustees. The opening ceremony was performed on New Year’s Day, by Mr. H. Thirlwall, who in remarking that it was an appropriate day, stated that he had stepped into the breach at a few minutes’ notice as it has been anticipated that Capt. H. C. Harrison would perform the ceremony.

Mr. Thirlwall stated that he had watched the building with interest and congratulated the architect, Mr. W. Broadbent, of Leeds, and the contractor, Mr. Ward, of Carcroft, on the excellent way to work had been carried out. It was one of the best equipped clubs in the district Clubs were a necessity, and if well managed they were a boon to the members. With good wishes for the New Year he declared the club open. Coun. W. B. Wells, chairman of the U.D.C. spoke of the utility of clubs.