Kilnhurst Reaction To Denaby Transfer Grant

November 1947

South Yorkshire Times November 1, 1947

Kilnhurst Reaction To Denaby Transfer Grant

Denaby United Football Clubs Finance Committee have voted a grant of three pounds to Kilnhurst from the £500 they received from Leeds United following the transfer of ” Paddy ” Windle, and I gather there are rather mixed feelings at Kilnhurst about it.

Kilnhurst club secretary, J. Haythorne, disagrees with his committee’s acceptance of the grant; says they are “not so hard up as to have to accept a sum such as that.”

WIndle, of course, went to Denaby ‘ from Kilnhurst at the end of last season. Says Secretary Haythorne, “We put nothing in Windle’s way to stop Denaby signing him and we expected a little more than three pounds out of five hundred.”

Denaby Secretary – Manager Arthur Roberts told me earlier this week that although he had had no official intimation from Kilnhurst, he was sorry they felt that way ‘about the grant. Part of the money was voted to Windle himself, parts a have been taken in the directions and he pointed out that clubs such as Denaby had so often to rely on substantial transfer fees to help them along through the season.

That, he said, was readily understood and agreed. Denaby averaged  “gates” of £80 to £100 during their opening Midland League fixtures this season, but since then there had been a long succession of aways, and with an average weekly bill of £50 to meet the money had come from somewhere. They had to look at both aides. Denaby, for their part. would have liked very much to have kept Windle. and I believe he would have been happy to stay, though I gather he Is settling down very happily at Leeds and has played three games with the Central League side—one really good match against Everton in which his only disappointment was that he didn’t manage to score.