Local Tribunal Appeals – Conisbrough Cases at Doncaster

May 1917

Mexborough and Swinton Times, May 26, 1917.

Local Tribunal Appeals
Conisbrough Cases at Doncaster.

Several local cases were heard at the South Yorkshire appeal tribunal at Doncaster on Tuesday. Mr W. Warde-Aldam presiding.

The military appeal in the case of a Denaby butcher passed for B2. It was stated his wife managed one shop, and there was an assistant aged 56. The man said he had been 23 years at Denaby, and asked how many beasts he killed a week said four, together with two sheep and six or eight pigs.

Capt. Okell said there were plenty of butchers’ shops. – No, there is only myself and another.

Replying to Mr Allen. He said Denaby had a population of 12,000, he, kept two horses, a pig float, a four wheeled dray, and a dog cart. His wife had an operation only three months ago, the man he employed was only passed C3, and was a pork butcher, and was not able to go into the other departments. He had lost seven men and had closed one shop. He made up small stuff for the working classes, and he had no one to carry on the business if he left. He was a member of the VTC. The population of Denaby consisted of miners and glass bottle makers.

Capt. Okell said being a member of the VTC was no ground for exemption.

He was given to June 15, and he applied for a green form.

A horseman employed by a big Conisbrough firm of confectioners and bakers was appealed for by the firm. He is 37, married, and passed B1.

The local tribunal tribunal, who had withdrawn the extension. Said he was a general handyman, and had been nine years with the firm.

The employer gave figures relating to the bakery business. In one week nearly 3,500 loaves of bread were baked, which were largely delivered by this man.

Mr Allen pointed out that the Rural Tribunal had adjourned a Baker’s case in order to see what arrangements could be come to with regard to pooling the work in the district, and he suggested that this man should be dealt with the same way.

The appeal was, however dismissed, and the man will not be called up until June 15.

The case of a Conisbrough butcher was adjourned in connection with effort being made by the Mexborough recruiting officer to make some arrangements with the butchers of the district to assist each other.

The military appeal in the case of a New Conisbrough pawnbrokers manager was allowed. He manages one of six shots. The firm had 22 men before the war, and now had five managers for six shops.

He is not to be called up until June 30. A green form was applied for.

The appeal in the case of a Conisbrough grocer (four), married and three children, passed C3 was allowed, and he was directed to register for National Service.

A Conisbrough bootmaker was appealed for by his father, and the letter was read from the father stating that he had been ordered by the Mexborough recruiting officer to be re-examined. He is 19 years of age, it was stated that the father was dissatisfied with the medical examination of his son. The case was adjourned.