Man of Medals – Conisbrough Drivers Fine Record

February 1947

South Yorkshire Times, February 1, 1947

Man of Medals
Conisbrough Drivers Fine Record

For practically 17 years Mr Bernard Seymour has been lorry driving and during that time he has not had one accident.

This record has won him four certificates, one silver medal and four bars, a gold medal and bar, and yesterday (Thursday) he received a second oak leaf bar to this medal, won in 1945. He qualified for another bar last year, but this has not yet come through.

The awards are made by the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents and the scheme, inaugurated by the society, has been sponsored by the L. N. E. R.

Mr Seymour, who is 42, is employed by Conisbrough L. N. E., Goods department, with whom he has been working for 14 years. He was the first driver to use a lorry at Conisbrough in place of the old horse and cart.

In making the presentation, Mr Ben, Roberts, chairman of Conisbrough Safety First Committee, said the railway always honoured its servants and gave encouragement, and he felt this should be given to all similarly deserving vehicle drivers. He congratulated Mr Seymour and his very good record.

The station master, Mr Thomas, added his congratulations and expressed regrets on behalf of Mr D. Gracie, District Goods Manager at Sheffield, who was unable to attend the presentation.