Memorial to Denaby Churchman

August 1957

South Yorkshire Times August 24, 1957

Memorial to Denaby Churchman

It will be of interest to some of the elder residents of Denaby Main who knew the late Mr John Edgar Holcroft (brother of our Denaby correspondent) to know that a Processional Cross will be dedicated to his memory on Sunday evening at the old Parish Church of Rossington.

The cross is of brass, mounted on wood, and has been very finely executed by son-in-law (Mr Wilfred Fielding), whose son will carry the cross after this dedication.

It bears the inscription: “John Edgar Holcroft, died December 19, 1955. Service, not self.”

Malcolm Fielding, grandson of Mr Holcroft, has been Crucifier at the church for the last five years, and he is to receive a gift book in recognition of his services.