Mine Offences.

December 1917

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 29, 1917

Mine Offences.

A number of summons against colliery employees for various offences in the Denaby pit were heard at the Doncaster West Riding Police Court on Saturday.

A Conisboro’ filler named Bramall was fined 25s. for damaging a safety lamp with a pick and failing to report it.

Harold Bell (15), pony-driver, Denaby, was fined 12s. for kicking a pony twice in the stomach.

For riding on. the backs of their ponies in the pit, W. Kitchen, J. Clarke, C. Jepson, J. Farmer, and J. Hibberd, all pony drivers, of Denaby, were fined 30s. each

I. Taylor, miner, Conisbero’, was fined 30s. for leaving a lamp in the pit

Charles Rawlings, pony-driver, Denaby, for deliberately kicking a safety lamp and damaging it, was fined. 20s.