Missionary Meeting at Denaby Main

January 1896

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 10, 1896

Missionary Meeting at Denaby Main

On Wednesday night at the new Primitive Methodist Chapel, the first meeting in aid of the home and foreign missions took place, resigned all about Mr Harrop, of Nottingham, formerly of Mexborough.

A summarised report, showing the work of the society in Great Britain and abroad, with particular reference to Africa was read by Mr F.G. Stevens.

The Chairman spoke appreciatively of the work of the society, and said there was every reason for encouragement, and called speak with emphasis, having personally been engaged in missionary work in Manchester.

The reverent T.J.Gladwin next addressed the meeting, and while speaking the gas at one time nearly went out this, and he remarked upon the inconvenience that had often been experience doing the holding of service consequent upon this kind of thing. He said that Mr Chambers (the manager of the collier this this this y) I kindly promised to do his best in the matter, and he fully believes the manager wish the Primitives to have no drawback in this respect.

Mr W.R.Hudson also spoke.