Most Successful For Years – Good Reports From Conisbrough Church

February 1947

South Yorkshire Times, February 1, 1947

Most Successful For Years
Good Reports From Conisbrough Church

“the most successful financial year for a long time’ was reported by Mr W. Pearson financial secretary, at Conisbrough’s annual parochial meeting on Wednesday.

A bring and buy held in October last year had been particularly helpful and Mr Pearson thought that probably a similar effort would have to be held this year to balance the budget. The rent from the old school room was no longer coming in, and for some time the parish would be behind each year with its budget.

Mr Pearson said offertories were down £34, though Clifton’s had gone up £9. During the year, a total of £442 7s. 2d. was raised for the Church in Action campaign through efforts and an additional £25 was also collected. There was a balance of £739 12s 4d to the memorial fund. Altogether £2,126 had been raised during the year.

The minutes were read by the parish clerk, Mr H. Fowler and it was reported that repairs to the church bell chamber had been carried out successfully.

It was reported that the year started with 508 persons on the electoral roll,

Dr W. J. Maclure was re-elected Vickers warden and Mr W. Pearson People’s warden.

Good fellowship.

The vicar, the ref. G. F. Braithwaite, said there had been 42 confirmation candidates and acts of communion numbered 3,530, an increase of 193 on the previous year. Several new members had been welcome to the Mothers Union working party, and this, with the other organisations had run smoothly throughout the year and there existed a real spirit of good fellowship in the parish.

He thanked Mr Birchnall, who had helped him since Mr Cuttel left, and said through his help it had been possible to reopen St. Andrew’s Church after three or four years disuse, and now it was flourishing. He also thanked the wardens, sidesmen, secretary, clip, and all others who had helped,