Motorist’s Defence at Doncaster – “I can’t see with my lights on.”

December 1927

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 21 December 1927

Motorist’s Defence at Doncaster.

An unusual defence was set up the Doncaster West Riding Police Court yesterday by Fred Wheatley, grocer, Denaby, who was summoned for three offences with regard to the lighting of his car, at Conisboro’.

It was stated that police officer saw his car with no lights on. When asked the reason defendant said; “I can’t see with my lights on.” It was a foggy night.

Mr.  F. Allen, defending, said that this was a case where the law “went to the wall” in favour of common sense. It would have been dangerous to put lights on in such a dense fog, and the defendant’s car was only crawling along in bottom gear.

Defendant was ordered to pay 12s.