Mr W. Gledhill to Retire in May – 28 Years Headmaster

March 1947

South Yorkshire Times March 15, 1947

28 Years Headmaster
Mr W. Gledhill to Retire in May

Mr Walter Gledhill, of Park Road, Mexborough, headmaster of Conisbrough Boys’ Modern School since it was opened in 1929, is to retire in May 31 after 32 years service under the West Riding County education authority, 28 as a Head Teacher.

Mr Gledhill began in 1905 as an assistant at Kings Rd, School, Wombwell, and four years later became Headmaster of Springvale School, Penistone, where he remained for 16 years. In 1925 he was appointed headmaster of Doncaster Rd, School, Mexborough, and spent four years there before going to Conisbrough.

Well deserved tributes to his sterling work at Conisbrough were paid at last night’s meeting of Conisbrough and District Secondary Schools Combined Governing Body, when Mr Gledhill’s resignation on attaining the age limit was announced.  He would never be forgotten in Conisbrough and the surrounding districts.

His departure would be a great loss to Conisbrough, where he had been so long that he had almost become part of the school. “He has become an institution, and whenever Conisbrough modern school is mentioned Mr Gledhill will naturally follow in thought,” Coun Sheldon added.

He would retire with the best wishes of scholars, teachers, committee members and parents.

Coun. J. T. E. Collins said that Mr Gledhill had earned the respect, admiration and esteem of pupils, staff, caretakers and their assistants, and Mr, M. Clark, principal of Mexborough’s Schofield Technical College, as a former professional colleague, spoke of Mr Gledhill’s educational foresight, his integrity and his efforts on behalf of youth and other activities for Conisbrough and Mexborough.

In reply, Mr Gledhill expressed his appreciation of the kindness he had received from members of the committee and governors. It had been a pleasure to work at Conisbrough, and he would have many memories of his work there.

Mr Gledhill is remaining in the district.