Nearly Relegated Denaby & Cadeby Out for New Signings & Youth Team

October 1966

South Yorkshire Times October 15, 1966

Nearly Relegated Denaby & Cadeby Out for New Signings & Youth Team

After two of the worst seasons in their history, Denaby and Cadeby cricket club are going all-out for success next year, with a new youth team and a number of new signings.

The first of these was made last week when Denaby obtain the signature of Wombwell all-rounder Colin Parker, and a club official said that this was only the first of many signings to be made in the next few weeks.

“Although the 1966 season has only descended we plan to leave no stone unturned to get the right players,” he said.

“The committee feel that the people of Denaby deserve a better team than they have had for the past year or two, and steps are already being taken to this end”, he continued. The new youth team will have special net facilities from Dick Cory, a qualified M. C. C. Coach, and first team members Richard Lawley and Norman Oakley.

Coaching Invitations

“Any local boy under 18 who would like to come up for coaching should get in touch with Dick Cory at Denaby and Cadeby Miners Welfare, and we will welcome anyone who is interested in joining the club,” added the official.

Last season, Denaby came closer than they have ever done to being relegated from the First Division of the Yorkshire Council South Riding Section, finishing third from the bottom and winning only four matches.

“We lost only five times and did not have the best of luck, but our team was not as good as it might have been, and we hope that our new signings, plus players obtained from our youth team, will build up a really strong side for years to come,” said the official.