P.T. (Physical Training) For Office Workers to Start at Conisbrough

February 1957

South Yorkshire Times, February 23, 1957

P.T. For Office Workers

A Start at Conisbrough

subject to permission from the county authority, Mr I. Lockyer, principal of the Wath Rockingham Institute of Further Education, intends to run a physical exercise course for the 35+ age group at Conisbrough Northcliffe Modern School gymnasium.

Mr. Lockyer told the “South Yorkshire Times” on Wednesday that the course would be for men, but if it was a success he would organise a similar course for women.

Mr. Lockyer said the course was intended for people over 35, particularly office workers who fought their muscles were getting a bit flabby and required torning up. The course would be of 6 to 8 weeks’ duration.

Mr. Lockyer said he had chosen Conisbrough as a centre for the course because of the large N.C.B. offices there which had a number of men in this particular age group who might wish to attend.

Mr. Lockyer said, “I think it is an important age group – and I include myself – and that we don’t get enough physical exercise, even with petrol rationing.”