Pastor Leaving District (picture)

July 1947

South Yorkshire Time, July 19 1947

Leaving district

Pastor Tom Parker, popular young minister of the Epworth Hall, is conducting his farewell services on Sunday, prior to taking up missionary work in South Africa.

Pastor Parker came to Denaby Main in April, 1946, direct from service with the Forces. He had served in the Navy and had spent five years with submarine service and during his sojourn here he has given many interesting talks of his work during the war period.

He has done excellent work at Epworth Hall and the older members have been encouraged by his work among the young people. He has also shown keen interest in the youth movement, Scouts and guides, sunshine corner for the young children and has been secretary for the ministers fraternal.

Mrs Parker has been interested in women’s work at the chapel.

Next week they leave Denaby for Durham to await their instructions to proceed to South Africa, where pastor Parker it is to tour the South African Methodist Mission. He is expecting to go into college out there to train for the missionary work and to become a full minister of the Methodist Church.

He and Mrs Parker will take the good wishes of Denaby and of the other areas in which he has ministered.

The new minister at Epworth Hall will be Pastor Wilfred Sizer, Matlock who will take over during September.