Pulling Hair at Conisborough

May 1897

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 7 1897

Pulling Hair at Conisborough

Mrs Jane Briley, married woman, Conisborough, was charged with assaulting Mary Bodkin at Conisborough, on 14 April

Complainant stated that on the date in question she was stood at her door when the defendant came up and hit her in the face, knocking her down. While she was on the ground, defendant struck her again and pulled a lot of her hair out. She had not given her any provocation whatever.

Mary Jane Moore said she was a witness of the occurrence. Her and the complainant were stood talking together when the defendant came up and said they were talking about her. She (witness) said they were not and she then struck Mrs Bodkin in the face, making it bleed. While she was on the floor she pulled a lot of her hair out of her head.

Ann Whitworth said she witnessed the assault, and saw the defendant pull the hair out of Mrs Bodkin’s head. She (witness) picked it up, and put it on the fire

John Smith and another witness also gave evidence for the prosecution.

Defendant stated that Mrs Bodkin struck her first, and she called a crowd of witnesses to support that contention

Sarah Dickinson, John Wm. Flint, and E. Heather all said that Mrs Bodkin’s commenced the fight by striking the defendant first.

Complainant (excitedly) There are a lot of false witnesses. They weren’t anywhere near.

The bench bound defendant over to keep the peace for six months, and ordered her to pay the costs.