Renovate Old Schools – Suggestion to Conisbrough Managers

April 1956

South Yorkshire Times April 21, 1956

Renovate Old Schools
Suggestion to Conisbrough Managers

County councillor James Prendergast alleged at last night’s meeting of Conisbrough Primary School Managers that money was being spent on the decoration of grammar schools which would be better spent on the renovation of old schools.

He referred to a report submitted by Mr J. Proctor, headmaster of Conisbrough Morley Place School, who said: “There are still some classroom floors in poor condition, and I hope they will be replaced during the year.”

Mr E. B, Stockdale, Divisional Education Officer, said: “All schools take their turns. We had need to replace these classroom floors, but unfortunately we have had to cut down on all the expenditure.”

Councillor David Sheldon said Morley Place School was over 80 years old, and its surroundings gave no incentive to the pupils to keep smart. He agreed with Councillor Prendergast that the work on the school floors should be carried out as soon as possible.

Mr Stockdale said the question of renovation of the school floors would be considered in the capital expenditure programme of the county council.

The managers decided to take no action on a suggestion from Mr H Marshall, headmaster of Station Road Jr mixed school, Conisbrough, that there be under mid-term holidays in autumn and that Easter.