Saturday Night Row at Conisborough

October 1897

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 1, 1897

Saturday Night Row at Conisborough

James Casey, John Pedley, colliers, William Pedley and Michael Commons, fillers were charged with making an affray at Conisborough on September 18.

Police Sgt Brown said the defendants were fighting in the midst of the crowd of about 100 persons.

John Pedley had sustaining injuries to his face, and William Pedley was bit in the back of the neck. Witness stopped the fight was assistant dispersed the crowd, but had to threaten to lock the defendants up before they would go home.

John Pedley said he never struck a blow, he went to protect his son, when Casey was striking. Casey said William Pedley struck him first and he only acted in self defence.

Defendants were each ordered to pay the costs 9s 6d.