Scuffle Outside a Club – A Conisborough Disturbance

May 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 6, 1927

A Conisborough Disturbance
Scuffle Outside a Club

Edward Norris, Fred Griffiths, Walter Connolly, Thomas Burns, Robert Edwards, and Edward Bridge, miners of Conisborough were summoned at Doncaster on Tuesday by Arthur Ackroyd for assault.

The summons against Griffiths and Edwards were dismissed.

Mr A.S.Furniss appeared for the defendants, who pleaded not guilty.

Mr Frank Allen said the assault took place at Conisborough on April 15, and complainant was a member on the committee of the Ivanhoe Club. Connolly was in the club trying to create a “scene” when complainant spoke to him. Connolly said, “All right you’re for it,” and went outside.

A few minutes later complainant was making his way home when he was followed by Connolly with him in the face and knocked him unconscious. The other defendants also participated in the assault.

Harry Napier, miner, Conisborough, said he was accompanying Ackroyd, and saw Connolly hit him. He helped Ackroyd, and Connolly shouted, “Come, Fred, they got me.” Several more men came running up and witness ran away.

Horace Saxton, of March Street, Conisborough, said he was with the last two witnesses when the assault occurred. He heard the other men running towards them, and he took to his heels. He was a good runner and had won a first prize. (Laughter.)

Mr Furniss said that Napier was a visitor to the club, and was considerably worse for drink, having been charged that night with trying to seduce women. The complainant, instead of going home by the nearest road, went out of his way, so that he would have to cross the path which the defendants would take. He suggested that the complainant’s had arranged to assault the defendant.

As soon as Connolly met Ackroyd, the latter remarked “We have got the – – – – now.” Napier struck at Connolly and Miss and it Ackroyd. Morris and Burns were some 40 or 50 yards away at the time.

Connolly said he was in the Club with his wife. He saw Napier strike at Smith, the latter falling down some steps in to another room. Ackroyd said to witness’s wife, “Take your husband home while he is safe. Witness and his wife left the Club, and just outside witness was told by Ackroyd to “take your – – – – hook, whilst you are safe.” The dark come out of the Club with the other three men. He went down the road with Councillor Gill at and his wife. He saw three men and then Ackroyd say, “They are here. We have got the – – – – now.” Napier struck at witness and missed, and hit Ackroyd. Witness then shouted “Come on said they have got me.” Burns came up, Saxton and Napier then ran away.

Bridge said he did not strike anybody. He did not say to PC Hibbert when presented with the summons that he would “sprag” Ackroyd, but said he would talk to him.

Burns, Griffiths, Norris and Bertha Connolly give similar evidence.

Norris and Connolly were fined, £3 and Burns and Bridges £2.