Swing and Jazz Replace “Dated” Denaby Dance Music

February 1957

South Yorkshire Times, February 23, 1957

Swing and Jazz
Replace “Dated” Denaby Dance Music

To keep pace with the times and to give the young people of Denaby and Conisbrough the type of music that is currently popular, more bands, each of which has its own brand of swing and jazz dance music, are being engaged to bring swing and rock ‘n’ roll to Denaby Baths.

The Baths superintendent, Mr C. Rich remarked on Tuesday how successful the first of these engagements (on Thursday night) had been. Until last week, said Mr Rich, attendances from the public dancers had been low. The young folk considered conventional dance music “dated and starchy.” They wanted to hear the type of music that is currently popular.

“So to move with the times we’ve engaged these four bands to work on a rota system. Last Thursday was a grand success, and there was a full hall,” said Mr Rich.

Until recently there was a roped barrier which cut off one third of the dancing space for people who wish to perform “eccentric dancing.”

But on Thursday nights this rope is now taken down and the entire hall is open for eccentric dancing. “In fact Thursday nights are now completely at the disposal of jive fans,” and Mr Rich.