Taking Pipe and Matches Down the Pit

January 1887

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 28, 1887

Taking a pipe into Denaby Main Pit

William Brannigan, a collier, living in the Brickyard, Mexborough was summoned for having infringed special rule 34, of the regulations in force at the Denaby Main colliery, by taking a pipe into the workings on August 13.

Mr HH Hickmott prosecuted on behalf of the company.

He stated that the rule in question prohibited pipes, tobacco, or matches from being taken into the pit.

The evidence of Cyrus Scofield, a deputy employed at the pit, it appears that during the usual periodical search which was made of the men’s clothing a pipe, wrapped up in tissue paper, was found the defendant’s pockets.

When charged with carrying the pipe into the workings defendant said that the pipe must have been put into his pockets unknowingly, but afterwards he admitted to Mr WH Chambers, the manager, that he had smoked the pipe on his way to work.

The Bench imposed a penalty of 10 shillings and costs or 14 days imprisonment.

A similar Offence

Taking a match down the pit.

William Cox, collier, living at Denaby was also charged with breach of special rules 34 at the same pit, on 13 August. The same evidence as that given the previous case was adduced, and it was true that during the inspection of the men’s clothing, a match was found in defendant pockets.

Defendant made no defence, except that he was unaware of the presence of the match.

The case was not pressed and defendant was fined one shillings and costs, or seven days imprisonment.