The Denaby Footballer’s Venture

June 1907

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 8, 1907

The Denaby Footballer’s Venture.

The annual meeting of the Denaby football club has provided the sportsman of the entire district with food for serious fought.

Of course, everyone is pleased with the all-round success of the club. The fact that the club’s income just covers its expenditure counts for nothing when it is remembered that now the Denaby United organisation is practical free from debt.

So that although finishing up “just Square” this season, we may look for considerable profit on that she is working. Therefore we can see conscientiously that the club has had a very successful run.

The only question remaining is, can the club rely upon its supporters (hitherto enthusiastic enough) to see them through the scheme for the erection of a stand in keeping with the traditions and the standing of the Denaby club? We think so; at all events, the feeling of last Thursday’s meeting was optimistic enough.

Of course, when a sum like £300 has to be borrowed, a number of guarantors is absolutely essential, and these gentlemen were readily forthcoming at the annual meeting. There was not a wild clamouring for the places of honour (for your Denaby Mainer is essentially cautious), but after the position had been placed very clearly before the meeting there was very little tendency to shuffle responsibility.

It has been said by a pessimist that the appointment of guarantors was all a farce. We fail to see it, for the word of the gentleman who have been appointed is certainly as good as their bond, though that also will be forthcoming in due season. We cannot for the life of all see why the stand should not pay for itself in the course of three or four seasons. 700 people full of football enthusiasm, fought a natural aversion to getting wet, will readily pour in nearly £10 for the privilege of watching a good match in comfort.

Provided there are not too many absolutely fine days, the guarantors need not worry themselves about this.

As to the stand itself, Mr Bury’s description is alluring. The reference to the press box comes very near home, and we see ourselves, in fancy, accommodated in oriental luxury. Undoubtedly a press box is what is wanted very badly, both at Denaby and Mexborough, and we thank the committee for their kindly thought of the servants of the public.

Very wisely, the committee has gone in for nothing on a palatial scale, but nevertheless a stand with accommodation for 700 people will raise the Denaby ground far above those of the other clubs in the Midland league, with the exception of those who have first class facilities. Another much felt one has been that of dressing room accommodation and washing arrangements for the players.

But all in good time. There will be great doings at Denaby in September.

Mr T Athron’s Candidature.

It is with pleasure that we hear of the nomination of Mr T. Athron, by the Denaby club, for a position of the Management Board of the Midland league. The honest host of the Miners Inn is heart and soul a Denaby reporter, and he takes a deep interest in football generally. It has surprised us at the very important district of the Don Valley should not, ere now, had had representation among the “powers that be.”

Now that someone is put forward, we trust that he will have the wholehearted support of this and other districts.

Mr Athron may be an ardent Denabyite, but the scales of justice could be safely trusted with him; and if he is successful in his candidature he is sure to keep a watchful eye on the interests of both Mexborough and Denaby.