Destructive Fire at Denaby Main Colliery – Reconstruction

December 1887

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 29 December 1887

The Denaby Main Fire – Reconstruction

The timber and the ironwork surrounding the pithead, which were reduced to ruins my Sunday’s fire, have now been almost wholly removed, and there is a staff of men engaged in clearing away all that has been rendered useless.

The estimate previously given of the probable length of time during which the pit will be idle has now been notified, and the company expect to be able to resume operations by fixing up temporary appliances to start the men again in something like six weeks. It has been found on closer inspection that the much of the machinery has not been damaged to the extent that was at first suppose.

Yesterday as many men as possible w were busily employed in pulling down the damaged buildings and the framework of the  headgear, and the progress made was in every way satisfactory.

Mr. J. Pope, the chairman of the Colliery Company, also visited the colliery for purpose of making the necessary preparation for the prompt reconstruction of the engine out and erection  of new headgear.

The large massive  winding engines have fortunately not been damage to the extent mentioned in the first reports; fact, is estimated that £7000 will amply cover the damage.