Visitors at Conisborough.

July 1897

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 16 1897

Visitors at Conisborough.

That this ancient village is becoming more and more popular to pleasure seekers is evident by the large contingents that poured into the village on Sunday.

Wagonette load after load of people arriving, and bicycles from all directions. What with the recent visit of the Lancashire botanical Society, it seems to have aroused the attention of our much nearer labour to the picturesque view and the advantages provided.

Sunday last was the occasion of a picnic, got up at the house of Mr Elliott, the Travellers Rest, Deepcar, who dispatched three wagonette load of excursionists, besides a landau containing ladies, for Conisborough, under the superintendence of Mr James Russell, who most ably managed his portion of the programs. The whole party were as one and the best of behaviour was shown. The weather was brilliant, and all that could be desired. The party, numbering upwards of 40, arrived at Alma Inn, about 12 o’clock. The dinner, which had been previously ordered by a certain number. The estimate was however, far exceeded, but the genial host and hostess. Mr and Mrs Moody, had a good staff of waiters besides a good stock, and kept is visitors well in hand.

After dinner, which was of a good plain substantial character, a move was made for the Castle grounds to view the ruins, which highly pleased the visitors.

On returning to the Alma Inn tea was partaking of by the visitors. Mr and Mrs Elliott presided and publicly thank the host and hostess for the kindly manner in which the whole party had been catered for.

A start was made from home about 6 o’clock arriving back at Deepcar in reasonable time. Everyone being highly satisfied with their days visit to Conisborough.

We understand the Stocksbridge botanical Society have arranged to visit Conisborough at an early date not far distant.