Water Supply of Denaby

July 1897

Sheffield Independent – Monday 12 July 1897

Water Supply of Denaby

The sanitary committee received a report from the county medical officer of a recent outbreak of enteric fever at Denaby within the Doncaster rural district, in which it was stated that although the origin of the outbreak was obscure still some suspicion attached to the water supply of the village, which was obtained from a borehole at the Cadeby Pit, and conveyed Denaby through second-hand pipes, probablv permitting insuction from some source or pollution.

The County Medical Officer has been in conference with the local medical officer of health, who, on several occasions, has drawn the attention of the rural Council to the turbidity of the water. From the report it also appeared there were other insanitary conditions existing in the district.

The committee, who are informed that the matter is receiving the attention of the district council have directed a copy the County medical officer to be forwarded to the authority with a request that the committee may be informed of the action taken to remedy the deficiencies.