Work To Be Resumed On £35,000 Pit Bath Scheme

February 1947

South Yorkshire Times, February 15, 1947

Good News for Denaby
Work To Be Resumed On £35,000 Pit Bath Scheme

Good news is forthcoming for miners at Denaby Main, clearer this week by the official announcement made by the National coal Board on Monday that work is being resumed on the £35,000 pithead baths scheme at the colliery. It is approximately nine years since a start was made in the building and, with the passing of the war, the baths have far more than 12 months been on the priority list for work presumption.

Requisitioned by Ministry.

The baths, sited at the rear of the manager’s office, were in process of erection when war was declared and the building, requisitioned by the Ministry of Supply on behalf of Messrs. Edgar Allen and Co. Ltd., Sheffield, was adapted for the manufacture of small arms.

The building remained in the occupation of Messrs. Edgar Allen until VJ-Day and until work was resumed at the beginning of this year on completing the baths for use by the miners at Denaby Main Colliery, the premises had remained unoccupied. Considerable delay was experienced in securing the derequisitioning of the premises from the Ministry of Supply.

In Modern Style.

The building, designed in modern style, in a two storeyed structure, but at the moment only the ground floor is to be completed. The completion of the second storey will follow at a later date.

The work now in hand will comprise redecoration and the installation of cubicles and other equipment for approximately 1800 men, and it is estimated that the building will be ready for use in about six months time.