Bag Muck Strike

The Bag Muck Strike in 1903 was an important page in the history of our District.
Many thousands of words were written about it at the time. It meant hundreds of people were thrown out of the homes in the midst of winter. It hit the National Headlines and London Magazines, the ‘Graphic‘ and the ‘Sphere‘ featured the story Here are the pictures published by the local press which graphically illustrate the tragic scenes and events. They show the many Evictions; in Cliff View, in Doncaster Road, near the ‘Drum’, of policemen removing furniture and a single man removing all his possessions on a wheelbarrow.
They indicate the shelters they found; in Outhouses, in Chapels, in schools, in tents and in the Small Pox hospital
They show the Miners as they demonstrated and waited for the new arrivals in despair with their families

Bag Muck Strike

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