As the new Century opens Denaby United are fielding a strong team
There’s a row over a hat at the Alma Inn
and a drunken Denaby woman smashes windows in 3 houses in Balby Street
and a Billiards match between Conisborough & Denaby



There’s news from the Boer War in Conisborough
and trouble as an Ash Pit overflows
There’s a parochial tea at Conisborough
and a Temperance Meeting at Denaby
and as a boy is rescued from the water at Grey’s Bridge
a girl is set aflame when she’s making the fire




It’s the Concert Season as the Football Club holds a Benefit Concert
The Cricket Club holds a Smoking Concert
and theres’s  a St Patrick Day’s Concert at Denaby



In April we witness the battle for Urban Powers for Conisbrough
and Buckingham Pope’s fight to clear his name over the ‘worst village in England’ title given to Denaby.
The Birthday Club goes to London and visits ‘Dirty Dicks



In May we visit Denaby United’s dinner
as a Domestic quarrel erupts in Conisborough
and a serious assault happens in Denaby
and footballer Tim Roper writes from the Boer War



The Water Supply is high on the Agenda in June 1900
and there’s celebrations and drunkenness
as Mafeking is relieved
and sordid revelations over a 15 year old
acting as a wife



In July 1900 Tim Roper returns from the Boer War with Enteretic Fever
And there’s more letters from the Front
A Denaby Girl is killed on a Cleethorpes outing
And a Pedlar commits suicide by jumping in the river
Conisbrough’s ‘sweet man’ takes 5 children to court for stealing Turnips
And a cricket match takes place at 2 in the morning



In August a Butcher buys a Fridge
and the newspaper extols the beauty of Copnisborough
And Park Road Sanitation raises a smell



Two Miners disobey a Deputy and are taken to Court for the offence in September
The Liberal candidate holds a Public meeting opposite the Denaby main Hotel
The School Board debates the Tenders for the new School
and the Protestant Church is completed at Denaby Main



October Stories include:

Denaby Main Co-op – Centuries of Coal to be Mined in Yorkshire
Impudent Robbery in Conisborough
Wesleyan Bazar – “Worst Village” Libel
Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 United Reserve 3 – Denaby Outclassed at Home
Denaby Utd – Swinton 2 Denaby 2 – Surprising Show at Swinton



November Stories include:

Conisborough Councillors at Variance – Abusive Language
Denaby & Cadeby United Dinner – New Professional Engaged
Denaby Main Orchestral Society – Successful Concert
Proposed New Cooperative for Conisborough.
Shakespeare’s Church and the Fullerton’s of Thrybergh, and Denaby.
Denaby Utd – Hunslet 1 Denaby 1
Denaby Utd – Sheffield Club 0 Denaby 5 – Dashing Display by Denaby
Denaby Utd – Wath 1 Denaby 1 – Denaby Draw at Wath
Sheffield Association League Table – Dec 28



December Stories include:

Alleged Persistent Cruelty at Denaby
Father Kavanagh and his Flock.
Letter from South Africa
Neglecting to Maintain a Wife at Denaby
Proposed New Cooperative in Conisborough – Work Beginning
The New Schools – Comment
The New Schools. – A Heated Discussion.
Denaby Utd – Thornhill 3 Denaby 0 – Denaby Defeated at Thornhil