As 1923 opens we can see the full results of the Fur & Feather Society Annual Show
The Vicar and John Brocklesby give us their new year message
And we can see how much a new Chevrolet cost,
and there is prison for a man and wife after neglect of their children
A young wife attacks her husband with a razor because she has no house to go to
And a man gets three months in prison after New Year’s Eve at the ‘drum’



A Denaby man invents a new safety device and
Denaby introduces bungalows made from old railway carriages
In a gruesome accident a 15 year old boy is ground to pieces at a Brickwork’s Mill
And a Tablet is erected in Arthur Thomas’s memory


The young wife gets sentenced for the razor attack
Another boy dies after a pit accident
A Cadeby official retires after 33 years in service
There’s a fatal accident after a Conisborough quarrel
And a Race Week road accident on Conisborough Hill
Labour triumph in the Council Elections
And some Conisborough schoolboys are considered for Industrial school


The Annual Medical Report is published,
And a kitchen tragedy as a girl dies from burns
A Denaby drowning mystery leaves a Miners death unexplained
There’s a fire at Croft House
and a tragic sequel to the Conisborough quarrel
Conisborough Victoria have a successful season
And there’s Rug clippings at Denaby


Denaby and Cadeby hope to win the Yorkshire Council
We hear how a Conisborough man is helping to fight the Famine in Russia
There are beautiful rites at the Roman Catholic Festival
And a visit from Cardinal Bourne
With a successful Denaby May parade
Denaby United reflect on an excellent season


A Denaby boy is killed by a travelling weight
The Denaby Inventor wins First Prize
As his invention is approved
There’s an Ambulance Corps Fete
And plain speaking from Denaby United
While Denaby & Cadeby have a successful cricket tour


In July 1,900 Middens had been converted
It was the Preparatory School Sports
The Ancient custom of Beating the Bounds was perpetuated
Another pit death takes an Elderly Dataller
while a young miner is a victim of an accident or appendicitis?
And a third is killed by a dangerous coal face
And the 33rd Hospital Sunday takes place


In August 1923 an unknown man found in the canal was double identified
A potential suicide was rescued from the canal and returned to the workhouse
A boy is knocked down and killed by a van travelling at 8 miles per hour
Mexborough shudders at Denaby’s scavenging proposals on Strafforth sands
Management and men at the Collieries reach agreement on
working practice when fatalities occur
and we have pen pictures and photo’s of Denaby greats –
Bill Narraway, George Worhington and Luther Robinson


September 1923 sees Denaby United playing exciting, attacking football
scoring 9 in the cup against Selby, and 7 against Chesterfield Reserves
Further success against the ‘Nuts’ of Scunthorpe
sees the crowd turn ugly against the players
A Denaby doctor is censured for issuing Doctor’s certificates
and we hear of a ‘deserted woman’ bringing up 9 children on £1.50 a week
whilst a Conisborough husband is sentenced to 2 months for attacking his wife
A miner is killed on Sheffield Road by an overtaking motor car
and there’s headlines at hockey and cricket


In October 1923 Scarlet Fever was prevalent in all Wards of Conisborough & Denaby
The Urban District Council debated this and Water & Electricity and Rates and a New Cemetery for Denaby
and the provision of a motor car for their surveyor
The Labour Leader George Lansbury led a Rally at the Large Hall in Denaby
and there was a new Labour J.P. for the village
Schools, Nursing and the Water distribution are debated
and the Sheffield butcher is committed for trial for Manslaughter
and United beat Mexborough in the Cup


A remarkable headgear is erected at Denaby Main
Tom Williams speaks at Conisborough & Denaby
The Colleries seek an increase in stock
And show their profits in the last 12 years
A Denaby footballer gets married
While another is transferred to Birmingham City
and WH Chambers retires


As 1923 draws to a close we witness Christmas in Denaby
The trials of the Motor Accident in Conisborough reach their conclusion
and another accident takes the life of a teenage Cyclist on Sheffield Road
A sudden death brings tributes to a young Cadeby mining official
and Captain Reynolds tries to convert the Miners of Denaby
A robbery at Denaby reveals a sea cook’s life of crime
and Denaby United enjoy an unbeaten December
despite selling another player, this time to Birmingham City