Apr 4 – Spalding United 9 Denaby 2 – Not so One Sided at Spalding. – Vest gets 7

April 1964

South Yorkshire Times April 4.

Not so One Sided at Spalding.

Spalding United 9 Denaby United 2

The scoreline gives the mistaken impression that Denaby’s Midland league return match with Spalding on Saturday was overwhelmingly one-sided.

The flat was that the only measurable difference between the two sides was one of luck. Spalding had all the breaks but the ball did not run at all kindly for Denaby.

The game was really won and lost in the dressing room before the start for luckless Denaby were forced through injuries to make 10 changes to their original lineup.

Hough at Full Back.

These included goalkeeper Harry Hough at right back. And they even had to borrow a local amateur, Alan West, to make up the team this.

But the reshuffle Denaby side gave a good account of itself in the first half and was perhaps a shade unlucky to be trailing  2-1 at half-time.

Both goals came from Spalding centre forward Alan Vest, who went on to equal the club scoring record by getting seven goals to add to the three he scored at Denaby earlier in the season.

Vest also missed a 35 min penalty, shooting straight at reserve goalkeeper Wiles, but he made up for his miss minutes after half-time, scoring from the spot after Hough had fisted out a certain goal.

Even allowing for a number of wasted chances by the Spalding attack, play was distilled delicately poised in the first half and who knows what the story might have been if Harvey had not made two glaring misses.

This first tee shot wide from in front of an open goal from a centre by Cox and then fluffed another chance by slamming a shot against Cooling’s body.

Denaby goals came through Cox after a breakaway in the 29th minute to make it 1-1 and Coleman in the 52nd minute from a freekick by Harvey to make it 3-2.

Vest scored for Spalding after 4, 44, 47, 73, 79, 83 and 87 minutes. Eyett (89) and Samson (90) completed the scoring.

Team: Wiles, Hough, Wright; Clifton, Wild, Wharam; Cox, Betteridge, Harvey, Coleman, West

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