Chapter 9 Conclusion

The old village of Denaby was a close knit community where sorrows and happiness were shared. Neighbours gathered round in times of childbirth, illness and death.

The two collieries which initially brought the villagers together have now both gone, with little to show for their former existence. Buildings have disappeared or are used for different purposes, houses with their grimy, smoking chimneys are no more and a new age is heralded.

Many of the people did not want the new houses, grassy verges, and now streets because they signalled the end of an era and the start of a now Denaby. The old jobs have gone, but much of the friendship remains.

0f all the mighty machinery that men worked with underground noon symbolises the miner more than the small miners´ lamp, illuminating the darkness and warning of danger.

We hope that the Chapel with its Miners´ Lamp Tower will be a place where people may quietly find light and hope for the new era we are now entering.

Life is often hard, but by Christ´s own example there is always the silver thread of God´s love, the gift of strength sufficient to harvest out of adversity, some dignity and a life and future for children and grandchildren.

They for whom the chapel stands as a memorial did it! By God´s grace so will we.

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