Denaby United Funding – Pit Chiefs sounded over Extra Levy

March 1960

Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 28.

Denaby Sound Pit Chiefs over Extra Levy.

Latest move in the Denaby United survival battle is a letter to the managers of both Denaby and Cadeby Collieries – where the men employed pay into the welfare scheme, which aids United’s finances – asking if the club can hold a ballot among the men concerning the extra three pence a week from each worker, which will give new life to the bottom – of – the – league side.

Player manager Harry Hough said this week: “the club officials don’t seem to be very optimistic about the outcome, but we hope the men will rally round and help us.”

“Until this is gone one way or the other we cannot decide what the future of the club is going to be,” he added. “We can carry on with the set up that we have at present – we are getting the arrears paid off, and not incurring any further debts – but it will mean having to search for players in local football instead of being able to pay men who have Midland League experience.”

It will also mean been without a second team for the second successive year – plus the prospect of being in approximately the same position in the league as they are at present.

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