December 1914

100 Heroes – Tributes on Display for ‘The Duration’

100 Graves, 9 Countries, 73 Cemeteries


Ancestors and their Stories

Cadeby Miners ready to Strike

Chapman, James – Connie Bailey (daughter)

Conisbrough Isolation Hospital

Conisbrough Show

Demobilization Account (picture)

Denaby Ambulance Brigade (picture)

Denaby boy’s death – Burning tip at Maltby

Denaby C.C. AGM

Denaby F.C.

Denaby Rifle Club -1914

Discharge (photo)

Enthusiasm at Conisbrough

Griffiths C – Trooper – The Horrors of War

Hague, William – Wounded in Aisne battle

Hodgetts, William Edward (photo) – Lilian Bell & Dennis Hodgetts

Hospital Notice (picture)

Identification Form (picture)

Interview on Radio Sheffield

Medal Letter (photo)

Medals Won

More Memories

Mr Emerson Ass. Gen. Sec. to Collieries

Needham, James (photo) – Barbara Bingham (grandaughter)

Perry Sergeant S. – Seriously Wounded

Recruiting at Conisbrough

Sarah Smith’s Story (pictures)

Smith, Harry – Saved the Machine Gun

Stories from the Front

Stories of the Heroes

Strangled in Bed – Distressing Conisbrough accident.

The Conisbrough & Denaby 100 Project

The Notebook (picture)

War Memorials

William’s Story

Wood, Alex – Conisbrough Soldier killed

1914 – The Great War begins

The Great War Week

Great War Week – The People who came

Great War Week – What you thought of the Exhibition


Conisbrough War Memorial

Appleyard, Sydney – Household Cavalry

1914 – Conisbrough & Denaby


Great War Week – The Displays

Richards, George – Wounded and Captured