• Funeral for a Child 1929

June 1967

1967 – June

Spoons win Singing Contest, Polaroid Swinger in Town, Galas, Fair & Civic Parade, Teenage Dancers win all Awards, Plaudits for Umpires, Gaol for Man who attacked Wife with Razor Blade, Fight in a Chip Shop

and many thanks to Renata Gorska for helping with the transcription

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June 1957

1957 – June

Clifton Hill Motor Bike Accident, Serious Farm Fire, Processions and Queens crowned, Residents complaints about Maintenance and Tip fire, Bronze for Nurse, Son in Law in Fleet Royal Welcome, Children Tour Europe, Warrior and H bomb Tests

and many thanks to Elishia Beachill for helping with the transcription

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June 1947

1947 – June

1947 June – Cough Medicine Opium Poisoning for 3 year old, RSPCA Awards for Saving Dog, USA man recognises friends after 20 years away, Retired Miners voting, Cowan resigns after 20 unbeaten matches, Apprentice Jockey, Unbeaten Rovers and Kiloury gets 5!

and many thanks to Jack Beachill for helping with the transcription

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June 1937

1937 – June

Council Clerk Resigns; new man takes over, Presentation to Life Saver, New Sister at Fullerton, Veteran Sister passes away, Birth Rate twice National, Leper Windows at Church, 5 year old raises Fire Alarm, threepenny bits for all, Alsation ravages sheep

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June 1927

1927 – June

Godfrey Walker Home appeals for boot and shoes for its Children, Wages of Miners queried, Appleyards say goodbye to Church Street, First Gala at Denaby Baths, Cricket teams good starts.!

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June 1917

1917 – June

Local Tribunals with ‘Bantam’ hearing, Six more Casualties reported, one from the Great Advance 12 months ago, Volunteers in Camp at Thoresby, Abusive Denaby women disappoint General Copley, Another DCM, and Miner fined for Assaulting a Woman

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June 1907

1907- June 

Accident to Cyclist, desperate dog terrorizing neighbourhood, miners union recruiting, Bag Muck strike echoes, Court hears Assaults, damages to oats and fences, obscene language and gambling, United plan a new stand and the Rifle Club

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May 1897

1897 – May

Pit Boys dispute closes Denaby Main pit, they march to court playing tin whistles & singing comic songs, Another Pit death & a corpse set alight at the Wake, Chimney thief at Hill top, another Bosdin Fence broken and Orchestrial Concert Videos

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May 1887

1887 – May

Preparation for Golden Jubilee, Buckingham Pope to foot bill, Railway sensation, suspected murderer transported, Rev McKenzie at Conisborough, Denaby output leads, Court Cases of Gambling, Haystack damage and Engine without a man in front

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