• Cadeby Pit Disaster 1912 - Waiting for News


January 1967

1967 – January
Denaby Troubles
with Street Brawls, Aeroplane Crash kills Conisbrough businessman, Council helps Cricket Club, Tom Hill Youth Club & Germany, Hairdresser in Office Again, Public Speaking Competition, Sunday School Party & United triumph!

and many thanks to Renata Gorska for helping with the transcription

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January 1957

1957 – January
Two more miners die after roof fall, brother arrested for New Year’s Eve murder of his brother, Loco Fireman sent for trial after fracas, Dances at Denaby, Civic Ball and Conisbrough C.C. at the Empress, Ivanhoe Beard comes Off, Double Decker in Parlour

and many thanks to Elishia Beachill for helping with the transcription

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January 1947

1947 – January 
Euphoria grips the area as the Pits are nationalised & ‘Vesting’ day is celebrated, 5000 miners work New Year’s Day for the new National Coal Board, 150 year Coalfield History , Another miners dies, Suicide & Electricity for Prefabs, £500 from QPR for United!

and many thanks to Jack Beachill for helping with the transcription

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January 1937

1937 – January
‘Flu Epedemic
claims Denaby Dctor and closes schools, Church produces ‘The Count of Como and Salvation Army ‘Naamans little Maid, Maxwell Wray’s film Career begins with  12 hour day with Marlene Dietrich, Breakdowns at Pits, Dinners, Treats and Weddings>

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December 1926

1926 – December
End of 7 month Coal Strike, Pits return to work, Cadeby Plant renewed, Denaby Scouts new Hall opened by Mrs Leslie, Holiday of a lifetime for Denaby Boy in Oslo, United beat Mexborough to end run of defeats.

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January 1917

1917 – january
Government Measures to get “Slackers” out of Pits, Bursting Shells add to killing toll, Funds for Displaced Belgians, Another Death at Cadeby, Illtreated Wife, Gambling Row, Father Censured and a 8 year old dies after a vain search for doctor

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December 1906

1906 – December 
End of Tumulteous Year -Dagnall tried at Assizes, 44 Year Old Woman and 8 Year old boy burned to death in flannelette, Labourer crushed by Coal Train, 52 Miners suspended in Pit Shaft, 3 Days of Snow brings a White World!

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January 1897

1897 – January
 Christmas Eve in Conisborough, with 18 butchers ! Mottying, Cruelty to a Pony, Prison for Pawning Clothes & Maintenance arrears, Chip Shop Spice Fish Offence, Postal Facilities & Fire Brigade, Unsafe Lamp, drowned Horse, Rabbit Poachers

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December 1886

1886 – December
Skating on pastures, young man breaks arm falling over a twig, Horrific treatment of Pit Ponies; 4 killed and 12 maimed in 6 months, Horse & Trap Incident outside ‘Grapes’, Another Miner dies after two falls of dirt, Mischievous pit boy prosecuted  after pulling Bell wire , School Board prizes and more assaults

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