• Volunteers during the Cadeby Disaster in 1912


July 1966

1966 – July
German Youth Visitors have Civic Reception
and Crawl to Coal Face, New Supermarket in Church Street, Near Riot outside Drum, Industrialised Houses, Hit and Run, Northcliffe Boys Design Altar Rail and Build Statue, Pictures and More !

and many thanks to Renata Gorska for helping with the transcription

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July 1956

1956 – July
A Young Girl and Gogo the Greek, Graves to be Moved, Station Hotel Changes, Automation at Ellershaw, ‘Playful’ Dog attacks 4 people, Midnight Alarm, New Postal, Northcliffe Open Day, ‘Cabbages and Kings, Yasmin and West and 6 New at United

and many thanks to Elishia Beachill for helping with the transcription

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July 1946

1946 – July 
Clarity on Bread Ration Coupons, Story of Dodging Nazis in Greece, Young Airman’s Sacrifice, Bath’s Strike Threatened, Deputies strike misunderstanding, Students to build Concrete Pitch, Club Life film, Misdemeanours and a Cancelled wedding

and many thanks to Jack Beachill for helping with the transcription

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July 1936

1936 – July
Mammoth Outing
to Cleethorpes, Fullerton Sports, Veterans Recollections, Mona Fracas, Lightning Strike at Kilners, Soldier Wounded in Palestine, Lord Yarborough Passes Away, and More News

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July 1926

1926 – July
Coal Strike in 10th Week, Denaby Miner Commits Suicide, Midnight Orchard Raid, Forester Imprisoned in Castle Dungeon, Conisborough Man Director of Sheffield Rep and Cricket Fame Spreading

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July 1916

1916 – July
Battle of the Somme begins – 50 more Casualties from Conisborough & Denaby and many more to follow

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June 1906

1906 – June 
Five Accidents in one Day at Cadeby , Fines for Obstructing Footpath, Bounce Ball & Stealing Marbles, Denaby Barber’s Bigamy, Mexborough’s impertinence, Park Road Conisboro’ Show, Contractors Accident, SJAB Blackpool camp, United collect medals

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July 1896

1896 – July 
Typhoid, 15 Year Old Pit Death, Assaults, Woman made to Wait for Train, Minister goes to Great Snoring, Londoner Takes his Place, Wesleyan New Organist, Urban Powers, Allotments, Footpaths and Fireman’s Clothes

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June 1886

1886 – June 
Colliery Offences, Cruelty to Pit Ponies, Wesleyan and Queen’s Anniversaries, Festivities, Drunkenness & Wadworth Feast, School Board, Pig Straying and Cricket

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