• Rescuers after the Cadeby Pit Disaster


December 1966

1966 – December
Sporting Theme – Tommy Joyce fights Jim McCourt, Tom Hill victors
in Basketball tournament, Lock House Children, Prize Winning Novel, Remarkable Crepe Flowers, Parties, Weddings and United’s Ups and Downs!

and many thanks to Renata Gorska for helping with the transcription

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December 1956

1956 – December
Conisbrough Singer makes comeback, Cricket Club clears Debt, Cases about Ducks and Hens, Assault at the ‘Drum’, Fight at the ‘Empress’, St Peter’s players are beside the Seaside, Pictures of Wesley Church guides, Salvation Army Sales of Work, Foxes ‘Take your Pick’

and many thanks to Elishia Beachill for helping with the transcription

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December 1946

1946 – December 
Advent of Nationalisation, Vestment Day Play Day, Positions for Managers, Sickle Christmas Cards show 3 Ex servicemen, Mother Goose Children, Young Soldier dies in Hospital, Air Raid Shelters demolished, Dance Floor and Boiler Breakdown, United at 7’s and 8’s !

and many thanks to Jack Beachill for helping with the transcription

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December 1936

1936 – December
Denaby Youths run Amok
in indiscriminate attacks, Young Denaby girl on TV as King Abdicates, 50 more houses in Conisborough, Plucky Denaby girl awarded £10, Accidents, Videos, Statistics. Denaby Baths and more !

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December 1926

1926 – December
End of 7 month Coal Strike, Pits return to work, Cadeby Plant renewed, Denaby Scouts new Hall opened by Mrs Leslie, Holiday of a lifetime for Denaby Boy in Oslo, United beat Mexborough to end run of defeats.

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December 1916

1916 – december
Reduced Caualties as Christmas arrives, Sensations at home, as 11 year old dies of Exposure in a ash pit, a shunter meets a terrible fate, and another miner dies at Cadeby, Epidemic of Juvenile Thefts, Ladies Sewing Party make Christmas Comforts

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November 1906

1906 – November 
250 Denaby Emigrants in Canada, Uproar at the Council Meeting, Acclaim for Orchestral Society, Glassblower’s Fatal Fall, Husband’s Cruelty, Backyard Conflict, Flanellette Burnings, ‘Murphy’ the Police and United’s excellent start !

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November 1896

1896 – November
  Crowbar causes Railwayman’s Death, Miner’s Broken Back, Breaches of Colliery Rules, Assaults & Violence, Schoolboy dies after schoolyard accident, New Fire Engine in Action, Liberal Tea, Musical Society Failure, Institute and Lectures

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December 1886

1886 – December
Skating on pastures, young man breaks arm falling over a twig, Horrific treatment of Pit Ponies; 4 killed and 12 maimed in 6 months, Horse & Trap Incident outside ‘Grapes’, Another Miner dies after two falls of dirt, Mischievous pit boy prosecuted  after pulling Bell wire , School Board prizes and more assaults

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