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February 1967

1967 – February
Heros Receive Awards, O’Rourke
plans comeback, Conisbrough CC and Police Dinners, Northcliffe Speech Day and Aladdin, Conisbrough youth received Gold Award, Denaby Vicar leaves, and Fight outside ‘Drum’, United heading for Chamionship

and many thanks to Renata Gorska for helping with the transcription

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February 1957

1957 – February
“Rock”, the New Charleston, popular at Denaby Baths, Castle Wall Repairs & Road Widening, Conisbrough C.C. celebrate, Loan Repsyment, Norman Yardley guest, Explosive Storeman Retires & Detonators coming to Denaby, Tommy Joyce wins Title and United on Goal spree

and many thanks to Elishia Beachill for helping with the transcription

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February 1947

1947 – February 
Snow still a foot deep, Conisbrough woman drowned at Blackpool, Roof fall kills miner, Work on Pit Baths, Tom Hill plans Centre, Driver’s fine record, Signalman retires, Ellis at C.C. Dinner, Mother Goose at Modern School, Double Bigamy at Denaby

and many thanks to Jack Beachill for helping with the transcription

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February 1937

1937 – February
Dr Forde’s Wife Dies, Another Miner
is killed, A Lime burner dies, Lonely death in a Caravan, Memorial Park a Skating Rink, Old Denaby Wooden Houses discussed, Hospital sisters retire, New Conisborough Vicar, Pit Boys Stoppage, Home Coal Restrictions

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February 1927

1927 – February
Great Time for United, Smallpox Epidemic increased, Council support Rent Arrears, ‘Big Drum’ changes hands, Colliery Combine, Inventor with another safety device, ‘Worn out’ woman, Fighting, cruelty and dipsomaniac with 46 convictions!

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January 1917

1917 – january
Government Measures to get “Slackers” out of Pits, Bursting Shells add to killing toll, Funds for Displaced Belgians, Another Death at Cadeby, Illtreated Wife, Gambling Row, Father Censured and a 8 year old dies after a vain search for doctor

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January 1907

1907- January 
Cricket Club Ball another Success, Dagnall’s Sentence reduced, Prison for Shopbreaker, Denaby Drinker Found Drowned, Women Dies on Homecoming, Women at Football Matches, Donkeys Furiously Driven

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January 1897

1897 – January
 Christmas Eve in Conisborough, with 18 butchers ! Mottying, Cruelty to a Pony, Prison for Pawning Clothes & Maintenance arrears, Chip Shop Spice Fish Offence, Postal Facilities & Fire Brigade, Unsafe Lamp, drowned Horse, Rabbit Poachers

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January 1887

1887 – January
Fatal Accident at Denaby, Imprisonment & Heavy Fine for 12 year old for Cruelty to Pit Pony, Assault by Glassblower on Wife, Serious Accident & Fines at Pit, Railway Christmas Supper & Break In, Prison for Stealing Rug and Typhoid Epidemic

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