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1 Introduction
2 Hengist and Ambrosius
3 Coningsborough Castle
4 After the Conquest and the Earls of Warren
5 A new era opens upon Coningsborough:
6 1550 to 1825


Conisbrough Castle

Conisbrough Castle
A Guided Tour
Conisbrough Timeline (pictures)
The Ivanhoe Connection
The Settlement of Conisbrough

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Conisbrough Heritage

Conisbrough Heritage
Conisbrough Heritage Trail
Codder Alley
Conisbrough Railway Station
Holy Wells of Conisbrough
Ladies Valley
Ticklecock Fair


Denaby An Industrial Revolution Village

Denaby – A glimpse back in time
Denaby Main – Low end
Denaby Main – Top end
Empire Palace
The Worst Village in England
The Worst Village in England – Certainly not


Denaby and Cadeby Collieries

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War Memorials

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Chapels and Churches

Chapels and Churches
Chapels and Churches by David Bunch
Denaby and Cadeby Miner’s Memorial Chapel
Chapter 0 Introduction
Chapter 1 Coal comes to the Area
Chapter 2 Early Conditions in Denaby Main *
Chapter 3 Education in the Village*
Chapter 4 Conflict at the Collieries*
Chapter 5 Other Industries*
Chapter 6 Churches and Sunday Schools*
Chapter 7 Pubs, Cinemas & The Christian Budget*
Chapter 8 Sports & Pastimes*
Chapter 9 Conclusion*
The Chapel*
Conisbrough’s Wesleyan Chapel*
Denaby and Cadeby Miner’s Memorial Chapel
Denaby Main Catholic Church Processions*
St.Peter’s Church in Conisbrough*
Time Line Denaby Main*
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Schools Contains :
Conisbrough Balby Street
Conisbrough Ivanhoe Junior School
Conisbrough Morley Place Junior School
Conisbrough Pennine View School
Conisbrough Rowena Nursery & Infants School
Conisbrough Secondary School – History
Conisbrough Secondary School – Log Book
Conisbrough Station Road Junior School
Dewarenne Academy
Dewarenne Academy
Former Pupils
Cheryl Mitchell
Kevin John Pratt 1960 To 1967
Marjorie Wootton
Morley Place School Log 1873 To 1906
Morley Place School Log 1907 To 1926
School Pageant At The Castle
Stephen Pratt 1955 To 1962
Yvonne Taylor (Nee Nicholson) 1955 To 1962

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Allports History of Conisborough 1916

Mr C H Allport was the village postmaster and published this fascinating history of Conisborough shortly before his death in 1916.

Allports History – Page 1 to 5
Allports History – Page 6 to 10
Allports History – Page 11 to 15
Allports History – Page 16 to 20
Allports History – Page 21 to 25
Allports History – Page 26 to 30
Allports History – Page 31 to 35
Allports History – Page 36 to 40
Allports History – Page 41 to 45
Allports History – Page 46 to 50
Allports History – Page 51 to 55
Allports History – Page 56 to 60

Published by kind permission of Keith Butcher from his website ‘Bygone Conisbrough and Denaby’


Domesday Book


Domesday Book:
Conisbrough & Denaby Entries
New Domesday Book

Picture by Wikipedia


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