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This is a 10-year project to create a detailed history of Conisbrough and Denaby, covering over 100 years. We are adding articles from the census years of 1892 to 1922 and  years 1932, 1942 and 1952. We are also inputting information from 1960 and 1970

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Fatal Disobedience – Death in a Subterranean Shaft – Killed by the Cage

1892 Jun Rev. J. G. Wood Farewell Sermon at Conisborough.
1892 Dec Historical Diaries – 05 – May Anniversaries
1892 Dec Historical Diaries – 06 – June Anniversaries
1892 Dec Historical Diaries – 08 – August Anniversaries
1892 Dec Historical Diaries – 09 – September Anniversaries
1892 Dec Historical Diaries – 10 – October Anniversaries
1892 Dec Historical Diaries – 11 – November Anniversaries
1892 Dec Historical Diaries – 12 – December Anniversaries
1892 Dec Child Murder at Mexborough.
1902 Oct Sad Case of Destitution
1902 Oct Denaby and Cadeby Strike – 15th Week of Strike – View of the Management
1902 Oct Denaby and Cadeby Strike – 17th Week of Strike – Application to Bench.
1902 Oct Denaby and Cadeby Strike – 18th Week of Strike – Mass & Stormy Meeting of Men
1902 Oct Marconigrams – October 17th, 1902
1902 Oct Marconigrams – October 31st, 1902
1902 Oct A Denaby Collector in Trouble.
1902 Oct Damaging Fence at Conisborough
1902 Oct Extensive Thefts of Turnips at Conisboro’.
1902 Oct More Miners’ Summoned and the Usual Orders Made
1902 Oct Obscene & Abusive Language
1902 Oct Obscene Language at Conisborough
1902 Oct Stealing Apples at Conisborough
1902 Oct Denaby Utd – Grimsby Town Reserve 0  Denaby 2 – Smart Performance at Grimsby
1902 Oct Denaby’s New Additions
1902 Oct Denaby Utd – Denaby 0  Sheffield United Reserve  0
1902 Oct Denaby Utd – Results – October 31st, 1902
1902 Oct Midland League Table – October 31st 1902
1902 Oct Marconigrams – October 24th, 1902
1902 Oct Denaby Utd – Leuicester Foss Res 0 Denabuy 0
1912 Oct Crushed Between Falls – Contractor Killed
1912 Oct Fatal Disobedience – Death in a Subterranean Shaft – Killed by the Cage
1912 Oct Marconigrams – October 12th, 1912
1912 Oct Afraid of the Cadeby Mine – “A Smell of Sulphur and Gas.”
1912 Oct Assault in the Mine
1912 Oct Breach of Rules at Cadeby Pit
1912 Oct Drunk and Disorderly
1912 Oct Even More Drunk & Disorderly
1912 Oct Unparliamentary Language
1912 Oct Without A Licence
1912 Oct Mexborough Market Thefts
1912 Oct Conisborough Baths – Opposition Tactics.
1922 Aug Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Wath Athletic 0
1922 Sep Denaby Utd – Doncaster Rovers 1 Denaby 1 – Splendid Game at Doncaster.
1922 Sep Midland League September 18th, 1922
1922 Oct Denaby Utd – The Wednesday Reserves  2  Denaby 1 – Denaby Player Sent Off.
1922 Oct Denaby Utd – Mansfield Town 0 Denaby 2
1934 Jan Denaby Utd – Denaby 0 Goldthorpe 3 – Holders Out – Goldthorpe Do the Trick
1960 Sep Golden Wedding – Mr & Mrs Whittaker (picture)
1960 Sep Obituary – Mr. Wm. M. Burton – Senior Verger in Diocese (picture)
1960 Sep Brothers in Germany (picture)
1960 Sep Cadeby N.U.M. Officials & German guests (picture)
1960 Sep Conisbrough Castle Inn Angling society (picture)
1960 Sep Tailpiece – September 24th, 1960 – Know a Keat
1960 Sep Denaby Utd – Belper  4 Denaby United  3- Conceded Two Penalties and Lost

May & June 1970

1970 – May

Cambodian family, six anniversaries, League referee & Ambulance driver retire, Girls contestants, Top Brass driver, Council Industry, pre-fab Estate, new Chairman, Coal Tips landscaped, Whitsuntide “Sing”, Morley Place visit “Times”, Cricket team declare, Weekend TV, United win Montagu

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1970 – June

Luxury Hotel for 50p a week, 14 weddings,Tom Hill & Place Youth Club girl’s, Youth project Medieval Pageant, Ventriloquist at Methodist Church, Sister on a Pilgrimage through Children & Staff, Election Fever, Conisbrough Hospital Garden Party, detached house for £3,300, Apprtectice in mines at 15

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July & August 1960

1960 – July

Rescues from collapsed “Den”& Don, Naturalist eats Duke’s lunch, Beachholme awards, Woman J.P., Council to build 100 houses, Youths to write War’s history, Denaby Baths popular, Father’s Day gimmick, Rabbits eating 100 cabbages nightly, Ivanhoe & St Albans School sports, Summer fair

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1960 – August

Tanker runs into house, Golden and Silver Wedding celebrations, Family moving to Singapore, NCB advertising for jobs, Castle Moat to be refilled, Baby show at St Andrew’s, Cowboy BBQ, Crag’s Vandalism, Swimming Gala at Baths, Newcomers report for Training, Archers v Darts

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November & December 1951

1951 – November

Soldiers at Remembrance, breeding stable in Germany, latest Aircraft Carrier, reduced coal output, Council’s lower rents, Denaby Baths, return of Tories, Fireman’s helmets, Ambulance waiting times, Ancient year book, Marconigrams & Tailpieces, Cigarettes Haul, United’s mixed results

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1951 – December

Fatal cyclist accident, inquest on El Alamein Hero, bullet wound invalid, falling stone kills Miner, increased output, Officials dinner, 30 men depend on each miner, Yorkshire Miner’s president, Council reject cycle trial, Housing allocation, electric street lighting, Marconigram’s & Tailpieces

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November & December 1942

1942 – November

Golden Wedding, new stationmaster, housing post-war, Conanby Miner Killed, Torpedo Boat, New bus stand opposite Star, school crops, reverie, prisoner of war, missing, wounded four times, editorial reveals African success, Editorial reveals Rommel routed and Hitler crumbling

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December 1942

1942 – December

Major road crash, watchman dies, immunisation concern, scarlet fever and diphtheria still prevalent, fined for wasting bread, Editorial reveals blows struck to Nazis in Russia, and progress in Far East, United’s heavy defeat by Wednesday reserves and win at South Kirkby

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November & December 1932

1932 – November

Co-op decline Freehold of premises, M.D. explains Coal quota system & export trade, UDC debate folding chairs, Baths use, “Boots for Bairns”, boxing tournament& games night for unemployed, Armistice service, Headmistress’s farewell, F.A. Cup 1st Round with trip to Carlisle United for United

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1932 – December

1932- October

Miner dies after fall of coal, grim discovery on railway, major events & obituaries , fines with motor cycle offences, claim for motor cycle damages dismissed, Santa at welfare for local unemployed children, United’s good fight at Carlisle, Mexborough derbies shares success

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July & August 1922

1922 – July

Appalling housing conditions in Conisborough, Asiatic Russia, Cadeby anniversary of disaster 10 years before, Chief Engineer passes away, story of the lost violin. Denaby Catholics history of the Norman Church, garden fete in Castle Grounds, United reducing admission prices.

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August 1922

1922 – August

Glorious day for Hospital Sunday, Ladies singles winner, Miner’s Welfare for Denaby, Floods in Conisborough, Bank Holiday Washout, Diamond Wedding by couple in “The Hut”, story of “Minnymore” thefts, street betting, wholedale thefts & damaging underwood at the courts, United’s prospects

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May & June 1912

1912 – May

Station Road widening, woman on bike lost control with cattle, convicted man retuns and faces ostracism, mining offences, drunkenness, Blow with safety lamp, sleeping out, boys who threw stones at gas lamps, making firewood from a fence, United to have ground next to cricket field

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1912 – June

Schoolgirl’s attendance record, Railway over viaduct, King to visit Castle. house struck by lightning, pillar box, public baths, Cricket Field fencing, purchase of Destructor, Catholic children at Red House, Parish children at Sprotbrough, violence, mining offences, desertion

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July & August 1902

1902 -July

“Bag Dirt” Strike begins, withdrawal without notice, Mass meetings of Miners, Collection Cards, Chambers interviewed, disputed price list, Marconigrams provide news clips,Two D cases, colliery prosecutions, Assaults and Claim against the Brick Manufacturers

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1902 – August

“Bag Dirt” Strike reaches ninth week, Chambers &Wives meeting, Bread & Soup distributed, new Engine House, Sick & Dividing Societies closed, Soldiers from South Africa, Coronation Day, Miners summoned, police & ‘black legs’ assaults, Mexborough League results

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July & August 1892

1892 – September

Cadeby pit gaining momentum, new Junction line & cemetery, ratepayers demands better gas lighting, sacred concert at Denaby Main, Court hears another strange story, drunkenness, breaches of Mining Rules, cases of stolen clothing & watches

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1892 – October

A filler meets his death at Denaby Main Colliery, serious floods in the Don and Dearne valleys, brutal assault on a wife, Street scene on Conisbrough Common, warrant is issued for traction engine driver, Altercation over dirty dog, damage caused by a ferret, amusing claim over table given as wedding present

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