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This is a 10-year project to create a detailed history of Conisbrough and Denaby, covering over 100 years. We are adding articles from the census years of 1891 to 1921 and  years 1931, 1941 and 1951. We are also inputting information from 1960 and 1970

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November & December 1969

1969 – November

Weddings, Miss Doncaster Rovers finalist, nationwide winning Poem by nine year old, educational breakthrough between Northcliffe and Dartington, All Saints new face, Baptist Christmas Fayre, Ship In bottle at School, Rotherham United signing

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1969 – December

Nativity at Rossington Street, ex-Conisbrough residents are neighbours in Canada, Co-op closes their Denaby store, Reresby Arm’s name, How wives helped striking Miners, Fancier’s winning prizes

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January & February 1960

1960 – January

Wave led to Golden Wedding,  “star” footballer downs West Brom contract, Cadet of year, Young cyclists scrambling in Woods, Civic Dance, Officials Xmas Party, Tom Hill party, events from 1959, burglaries on Doncaster Rd, Midland Bank,  Denaby Shop & OAP 

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1960 – February

House Fire damage, lorry  crashed Crossing Gates, Tom Hill Panto, collecting craze &  title, Guides & Scouts hold dance, Workshop’s at Brickworks, Northcliffe’s speech day, U.D.C. Civic Ball, I.C.I.’s Council dinner, Frustrated Utd manager, 16 Year Old to represent North

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November & December 1950

1950 – November

Exploding polish fire,  Courageous 17 year old girl, Trooper in Guerrilla train wreck, Gunner to Korean front,  Primary Schools renames, Measles epidemic, Postcard after 16 years, Field mice in Oval, Church organist criticised over Remembrance music

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1950 – December

Hand grenade kills soldier on Christmas night, Collieries record outputs & major absenteeism , Coal to be wound up single shaft, United  schools carol service & “Butterfly Queen”, Parkgate match in deep snow, increased  contributions assure football

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January & February 1941

1941 – January

Canon Eddershaw tells of England’s severe position, Defiance echoed by Home Guard, “Editorial” indicates beginning of U.S.A. support & calls upon all classes, lorry driver dies in crash, Wesleyan Xmas Party for Evacuees, Spitfire fund passes  £1,000 mark, Messerschmitt 109 exhibition, suicide at Butterbusk

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February 1941

1941- February

Spitfire Fund raises £1,000, War Weapons week, letter from Douglas Bader, Parades and School’s activities planned, Editorial provides heartening words from Churchill, Districts targets to raise £60,000 for Bombers; Presentation to Postman, Fire Watching, Another miner killed at Denaby

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January & February 1931

1931 – January

Pony driver dies ‘twisting tubs’ at Cadeby, celebratory tea with Pit Pension triumph, casualty list & diary of events from 1930, local outlook for trade in 1931, bedlam at Station Hotel, Conisbro’ Man in East Africa amongst freed slaves, Denaby Man transferred to Liverpool and Clara Bow at the Empire

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February 1931

1931- February

Fire tragedy – man, & 3 cart horses burned to death, Toddler scalded,  Miner  whirled round pit shaft, Large Scale combination justified, Council debates unemployment & conversions,  Cliff Caves destroyed, “Cow Pasture” stories, suicide reveals families’ 3 hangings, United’s credible draw at Oakwell

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March & April 1921

1921 – March

20 year old chemist’s terrible accident, 5 year old dead at Morley Place, Elderly woman recovered from Don, Motor engineer’s accident, Palmes en Or awarded, Shooting case at Leeds Assizes, Urban powers after 23 years ! Preparing for Yorkshire Council, United’s poor season continues

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April 1921

1921 – April

Conisborough brothers mishap, Doncaster workhouse fatal fall, National mining strike and triple alliance, Local businesses affected, first elections of Urban Council, WH Chambers resigns, War Memorial unveiled, Sorby Scientific Society visit, United bottom of Midland league

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March & April 1911

1911 – March

Full review of Collieries, Child’s death contradictory evidence & open verdict, Man loses legs in tragedy at Station, Girl marries man with broken back, St Alban’s completed & Balby Street School opened, Family in conflict with police, husband’s kiss trouble, United’s final 5-0 Oakwell defeat.

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1911 – April

Denaby dataller smothered in mine, United secretary to British Columbia, Controversy over schoolboy’s broken leg, Paper on Charles Dicken’s, reactions to Census, Balby Street School, Beggar makes 51st appearance, Railway footbridge warning, Violent assault over landlady joining card game, United lose final 6 games

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March & April 1901

1901 – March

Pony Driver sustains multiple fractures, Miners for Labour in Parliament Cricket Club present Professor Bilboa with Medal, United Concert at Reresby,  “British v Boers” fight at New Conisborough, Assaults at ‘Drum’, breaches of rules, Miners take Collie dog & Glasshands Conies, Ashes from closets mend footpaths

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1901 – April

Assault behind Station Hotel, New Year’s Eve Fowl thefts, Denaby United semi finals against Doncaster Rovers, Pierrot Entertainment, with local troupe and fascinating Waxwork display, School Board discusses blind boy and extra payment to Clerk, drunk & disorderly, bigamy, guns without license, thorn thefts and gambling!

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March & April 1891

1891 – March

Detailed report of visit to Denaby Main mine, featuring narrow escape, “Careful Dick”, pit ponies, mice & Cupolo shaft, Flour Mills for sale, matches offence and drunk and disorderly cases, National census, policeman wife elopes, Proposal to form Local Government Board and water scarcity

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1891 – April

Alarming cage accident, important case for injured miners, Accidents at Cottage Hospital, omnibuses collide, St John’s ambulance class plaudits, slow progress at Cadeby, outbreak of ‘flu & deaths, Co-op ‘divi’ 23%, orphan’s fractured ankle, fine refused after newspaper report, & hard swearing case

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