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This is a 10-year project to create a detailed history of Conisbrough and Denaby, covering over 100 years. We are adding articles from the census years of 1892 to 1922 and  years 1932, 1942 and 1952. We are also inputting information from 1960 and 1970

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March & April 1970

1970 – March

Accountant granted freedom of City of London, Royal Humane awards to Denaby boys, Denaby Main Colliery tip, goods train derailed, Parliamentaryr Under Secretary visits, Cricket Club reach centenary year, house prices & Denaby beat Mexborough in League Cup

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1970 – April

Flood havoc, model signs with agency, tickets for Mexico World Cup, newspaper boy wins “Star” Title, Changing face of Conisbrough and Denaby, 3 course meal at the Red Lion for 6/6 (33p!), Cadeby apprentices awards, crossing gates to be scrapped, United reach Challenge & Montagu cups finals

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May & June 1960

1960 – May

Diamond wedding, Minneymoor schoolgirl knocked down & killed, Council debate zebra crossing , XL Crisps’ new machine, St John’s parade, Earth tremor rattles houses, Crags soap box Derby, Whit walk trophy, Whitsuntide parade, Tommy Joyce’s success, Barry Breedon’s wins

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1960 – June

Teenager Gloucester champion, miners tribute to Paddy driver, Mining Supplies for factory site, UDC in National Association, vicar on teenage hooliganism, Presentation to Institute Hon Sec., Northcliffe’s 1st musical production, “Rocks” to be removed, Breedon makes Ivanhoe famous

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July & August 1951

1951 – July

Golden wedding, well- known sportsman passes away, Fishing hazards & Ferry charges, concert at Tom Hill, Baths Bank Holiday, Infants School model, Art from Rossington Street, Cadet presented to Princess, Woman’s cycle Champion, escape through plate glass window

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1951 – August

Canal rescue, ballet dancer on American tour, award for railway porter, German youth party visits Tom Hill, 80 mph chase after bus driver, glimpse behind Iron Curtain, “Times” ‘Tailpieces’, 4000 from local clubs on trains to Cleethorpes, 2,400 watch thrilling draw with Rovers

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November & December 1941

1941 – November

Council debate Blackout lighting, Hitler attempts to invade Russia, Well-known Trade Unionist passes away, New Landlord at Lord Conyers, Planning for Warship Week, Fines for missing shifts & not taking work, Patriotic Families with 9 young people in conflict and United in a goal fest

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December 1941

1941- December

Japan attack Pearl Harbour and Hitler withdraws from Russia, Conisbrough Warship Week buys Motor Torpedo Boat, Miners exceed targets & agree to work Boxing & New Year’s Day, smart ‘Specials’ complemented & United’s great show at Bramall Lane & 11 goal thriller

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November & December 1931

1931 – November

Former councillor dead in bed, Church Army notable dies, “5 Money Spiders” Irish Sweep windfall, Contractor entombed, “Times” local industrial review, major pit reorganisation, Council decide Rota Employment System unworkable, United in Midland League Basement

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1931 – December

1931- December

Funeral bearer’s fatal accident, Cadeby disaster fund, major Denaby Main improvement, Council adopt “Rotary” scheme, “Telegraph” review of trade, 50% Glass Trade duty, Penal sentences for H.P. piano seller & relief Waiters, United “doubled” by Mexborough Athletic

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anuary & February 1922

1922 – January/strong>

“Gob” fires, Council debates “that German Gun”, glass workers distress , Buster Keaton at Palace, Denaby Main Institute, planned Level Crossing bridge, Denaby War Memorial, Conisboro’ bigger than Mexboro’ pit hands prosecuted for stealing fruit & bread, United’ victory over Wednesday reserves

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February 1922

1922 – February

Council debates milk & “Beautiful” Sewage, North West Pillar Cricket ball record success Arthur Roberts elected to West Riding, Major scandal when former curate commits suicide with a woman in a Nottingham hotel, Fullerton Hospital flourishing despite bad times, United’s February slump

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January & February 1912

1912 – January

Dataller’s narrow escape after gas explosion 17 year old boy fractures skull and dies, Court cases include; Pony cruelty, taking tubs down incline, cigarette possession, warning over wages paid in public houses, suicide by carbolic acid, theft of butter, reveals another theft, United still bottom of Midland league

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1912 – February

1st national coal strike, Hull Coal traffic league, Co-op get beeroff, Baths further stage, Chambers affection for Denaby, “Superstitions” at debating Society, Ball reaches “majority”, Cruel hairdresser, deserter, climbing crossing gates, lamp tampering, mistaking Tar for Water, United’s 10 goal draw

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January & February 1902

1902 – January

Child burnt to death, drayman killed, employees social event, presentation from barmen, Explosives to excavate graves, domestic disagreement, Colliery prosecution, glassworker sues colliery driver, Miner steals gold scarf pin , “Little Tim’s”manslaughter, unlawful wife wounding, United Montagu cup favourites

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1902 – February

Boer War letters, Co-operative dividend 12 ½ %, Miner’s  with severe head wound & dislocated thigh, usual drunk and disorderly and colliery prosecutions, non-paying travellers, children missing school, two men are jailed and the wife of one fined, jewellery stolen by 14 year old servant

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January & February 1892

1892 – January

Historical diary, with event for each day of the year, South Yorkshire directory of population, churches, schools, death of the Duke of Clarence and Avondale with local sympathy, young girl servant attempts to commit suicide walking into Mill Down and miner is charged with breaking a man’s jaw

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1892 – February

Dangers of Paraffin Lamps after woman killed in explosion, workings and seams worked, cantata, “Jesus of Nazareth” in schoolroom, Denaby to be Miner’s Paradise, wife assault, attempted suicide & Pit fights, youth steals teacakes, Conisbrough banned from cup for playing Horncastle men

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