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November & December 1969

1969 – November

Weddings, Miss Doncaster Rovers finalist, nationwide winning Poem by nine year old, educational breakthrough between Northcliffe and Dartington, All Saints new face, Baptist Christmas Fayre, Ship In bottle at School, Rotherham United signing

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1969 – December

Nativity at Rossington Street, ex-Conisbrough residents are neighbours in Canada, Co-op closes their Denaby store, Reresby Arm’s name, How wives helped striking Miners, Fancier’s winning prizes

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November & December 1959

1959 – November

100 feet fall at Cadeby,  Parents involved at Rossington Street, Tom Hill Youth Club youth Leader, Conisbrough Chemist uplift, Claremont Terrace inquiry, Cycling Proficiency certificates, Young Bird championship Cup, United’s early exit from Cup Denaby Street

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1959 – December

Conisbrough sergeant in Cyprus shooting contest, Denaby midwife retirement plaudits, St Alban’s lady trainer “the best in the World”, Cadeby employees annual tea & social evening, Church bell rope hitch, Epworth Hall members at music festival, Station Road Christmas party, burglary at Fox Inn and hold-up at sub- Post Office, United’sconcerns over gates

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November & December 1950

1950 – November

Exploding polish fire,  Courageous 17 year old girl, Trooper in Guerrilla train wreck, Gunner to Korean front,  Primary Schools renames, Measles epidemic, Postcard after 16 years, Field mice in Oval, Church organist criticised over Remembrance music

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1950 – December

Hand grenade kills soldier on Christmas night, Collieries record outputs & major absenteeism , Coal to be wound up single shaft, United  schools carol service & “Butterfly Queen”, Parkgate match in deep snow, increased  contributions assure football

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November & December 1940

1940 – November

“Times” Editorial narrates progress of the War, death of Chamberlain and Italy and Greece, Food controls, fines for selling butter without rations, Raising Funds for Spitfire, Denaby Man dies in China, brother and sister in RAF, Coldstream Guards, Milkman, parachutist

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December 1940

1940 – December

Sheffield Bombing and Churchil’s broadcast, Denaby man fighting in Norway, Brothers evacuated from Dunkirk, ‘Father of the Regiment’, Spitfire fund & Nazi Plane, Miner killed by fall of roof, Denaby United  upset about  unbeaten record, then beaten for first time 

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November & December 1930

1930 – November

Staunch Methodist passes away, mother runs downstairs & fractures skull, cricketing  daughter  marries cricket captain , schoolgirls win at Doncaster Festival, Young Denaby couple’s troubles, Denaby lad throwing lighted firework,  man chalking on house, Big Entry Gang members guilty of gambling

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December 1930

1930 – December

Denaby man drowned in Thames,  Fog causes a crash between  milk float and lorries, man worked for 67 years in mines passes away, Trade review , Council debate unemployed, bridges, buses and shelters, schoolboy’s narrow escape with  trackless , doorstep crawl, boxing,  Denaby beat Mexborough on Boxing Day

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January & February 1921

1921 – January

William Still manager at Denaby Main, Denaby and Cadeby lead Hull listings, bursting Air Pipe caused injuries, pony driver dies of shock, events and obituaries from 1920, Miner in pantomime, in court & jail, shooting affray committal , spectator sent to jail after assaulting United player

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February 1921

1921 -February

Ambulance presentation night, W H Chambers retires after 30 years, full review of this remarkable man, servant’s cruelty allegations dismissed, three months for stealing jersey suits, child flannelette fire victim, United at foot of Midland League, But get double over Barnsley Reserves

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January & February 1911

1911 – January

Man drowned in River Don on foggy night, Troubles after marriage and “spooning”, Man sent to prison 2nd time after deserting wife & family for 2nd time, Miners interfere with train passengers, 18 years old steals 1p surgical bandage, United beat Leeds City, Leicester Fosse, & Mexborough on quagmire

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1911 – February

Man with broken back to be married, missing boy found drowned, Conisborough  historic village lecture, Denaby miner fined after offering 3 rounds with constable, Another offers 10 rounds & “Iron” Hague to referee, Miners hugging in gutter,  Christian beaten & kicked by man twice size

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January & February 1901

1901 – January

Queen Victoria dies, nation mourns, Denaby & Cadeby collieries lead coal getters, Fowls missing on New Year’s Eve, new Church Organ at Conisborough , Landlord Assaults at Fox and Reresby, Domestic trouble ,“Marrying” at Conisborough, Ponies’ ill treatment “not allowed” 

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1901 – February

Appeal against Urban Powers Inquiry, state of Pathways debated, Conisborough Mourns Royal Loss, with Beautiful Hymn sung at Parish Church, Butcher robs poor people, Colliery Rules broken, Drunkeness, fighting and abusive language cases heard in courts


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January & February 1891

1891 – January

Booth’s give workmen dinner at Castle Inn, Co-op announce 24% divi, Denaby leading tonnage in South Yorkshire, Water still major problem at Cadeby, Relief for distressed families & 18 year old’s sad death Skating, Extract from 1891 census & review of trade, Church annual Tea, Denaby Main ecclesiastical parish, burial ground lively proceedings & scavenging a topic

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1891 – February

Man saturates wife with paraffin & lights with a red-hot poker, Conisborough’s Vets serious accident with Fitzwilliam hounds, Burial question resolved & new medical Officer agreed, Drunkenness weekly topic and a man falsifies son’s age for work, Court states a wife’s defence is tongue whilst husband uses fists

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