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This is a 10-year project to create a detailed history of Conisbrough and Denaby, covering over 100 years. We are presently concentrating on 1880 to 1940 to bring them up to the anniversary year and month. We will then return to the 1950s and 1960s to bring them up to date with their anniversaries.

The amount we are attempting to record is colossal, especially in the later decades. So, if anyone has a couple of hours to spare each month, then Help ! Please contact me on 07886 718719

June & July 1969

1969 – August

“Women in Love” release, athletic club members representing Yorkshire, United team photo and recruits, Fully automatic car wash, Firbeck Street backyard giant, 86 year old holidays in Artic Circle, Garden parties, schoolboy poet, trucks derailed  and weddings!

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1969 – July

Conisbrough girl sets national record, 10 year old reaches Yorkshire finals, wedding move from Uist to Inverness, Youngest Councillor, XL Crisps sell to Virgin Islands, Haggis capital of the world, Local events, Hundreds years of cricket

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September & August 1959

1959 – September

Miner dies after three falls of coal, Appeal for Scottish Pit Disaster, Tom Hill Youth leader leaving, Veteran domino players match at Barburgh, Brothers fined after assaulting police, Proliferation of weddings, Reresby Arms Pig legend

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1959 – August

Domino Challenge, Retired Colliery sets his clothes alight, Notable retirement, Second fowl pest outbreak with heavy losses, NCB compensation complaint, Nursing cadets at further, Northcliffe boys in Scotland, United transfer another player/strong>

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May & June 1950

1950 – May

77 Year Old Rug Maker, Presentations for Long Service at Pit and Westfalite, Tom Hill and St Peter’s Productions, War Memorial vandalised, Ivanhoe Certificate of Merit, and need third Cup, United’s Annual Dinner, Assistant Manager at Odennino

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1950 – June

Death’s outside Fullerton and in canal, Reducdancies at Denaby & Cadeby, New Curate at Denaby Main, Lady Mabel opens Fun Fair, St John serving members, Denaby letter in ‘Mirror’, Scholars go to London, Probation for climbing War Memorial, builder fined and  cricket 100%

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July & August1940

1940 – July

Country prepares for German onslaught “Times provides national bulletin, more stories of lost and missing young men including teenager, food is sensitive issue with Ration book offence, Wesleyan minister leaves for position in Lincolnshire, Church packed for Civic Sunday Parade

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August 1940

1940 – August

Battle of Britain and first year of Armageddon, frantic search for missing four year old, rescue from ‘Accra’, death when Car mistaken for bus, Great War veteran missing, hope of football returning, popular Septuagenarians wed

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July & August 1930

1930 – July

40th Hospital Demonstration with bands and 1000 children, hospital sports at Tickhill Square, Pig Club closed, lifts and cage safety device invention, Red Lion for sale, Drum manager passes away, 3 1/2 mile chase by constable after motorcyclist, centurions at Denaby & Cadeby

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August 1930

1930 – August

Girls rescued at Cayton Bay, Labourer trapped by trucks & killed at Cadeby, Conisbrough UDC , wanton damage to Conisbrough Castle, Court hear cases of cruel conduct to step son, a man’s fatal depression,  wholesale thieving, Denaby’s ‘Bradman’ and a slow break bowler

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July & August 1920

1920 – July

Colliery sue Lady Mabel Smith over Denaby comments to Workers Educational Assocation with full transcript of Court Case, Laurence Calvert receives VC at Buckingham Palace, Great War heroes from Denaby, catholic tributes to father Kavanagh, Cricket week & United’s Annual Meeting

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August 1920

1920 -August

Denaby man drowned at Matlock, heroic miner, Scouts win Nuttall Shield, rain spoils Fete, Standard of life, tar macadam improves Station Road, Gaol for assault cases & domestic servant theft, Derbyshire play Denaby & United’s prospects for season

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July & August 1910

1910 – July

Gift of the Priory, wife tells of 24 years of cruelty and anxiety, Pony drivers fined for jumping off cage, pulling down dirt, Miners for walking out, taking pipe down , & cruelty to Pit ponies, Denaby cricketers have successful Scarborough week with 3 victories out of four, watering daisies and lack of sleep by locals !

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1910 – August

Bank holiday, Band trip, & Homing society cricket, Salvation Army, Courts cases of desertion & bigamy , drunkenness & violence, vagrant in trouble over child education, strange piano case, suicide of man who had “bit of a loosing”, Denaby champions of Mexborough league , 15 wins out of the 20 games

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July & August 1900

1900 – July

Boer War soldiers return, Schoolgirl pushed off Cleethorpes station platform, Kilner Bros trip to Liverpool, Pedler commits suicide, 18 months hard labour for abduction & assault, ‘Sweet Man’ takes children to court

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1900 – August

Butcher buys Fridge, beauty of Conisborough and Castle Avenue, Park Road Sanitation raises stink and, Denaby Miners agree Wages, pitiless rain on Bank Holiday, appeal against Urban district rejection, Conisborough respectable in Mexborough League

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July & August 1890

1890 – July

Miners in pit accidents receiving benefit of Montagu Cottage Hospital, New bridge and railway link, progress of colliery sinkings at Cadeby “rattles”, annual feast features Conservative demonstration in Pigotts, Cricket match and substantial meat tea, displaying foxes head is cure for sparrows, Conisborough described & courts hear more cases of drunkenness & gambling

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1890 – August

Sensational murder & suicide at Conisborough, Young man shoots Young landlady four times before committing suicide, Doctor in trouble over vaccination, Conisbrough popular resort for boating trips and Castle,Sickle manufacturer employees go to Blackpool & more cases of drunkenness gambling & cruelty to Pit ponies

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