Denaby Utd – Wath Athletic 1 Denaby Utd 1 – Winning Goal second too late

December 1922

1922 – Dec 30th

Winning goal – A second too late
Denaby’s stiff struggle
Wath Athletic 1 Denaby Utd 1

A big holiday crowd was present at this match at the Wath ground last Saturday. In the three previous games, against Hull city Reserve and Wombwell (away and at home), Wath moved up the league table 6 points, and they had sheer hard look in not gaining another couple of points against Denaby.

They played a fine game in the first hour, and it was generally admitted they were the better team. The combination was all that could be desired, and the ball was swung about continually.

Elkinkept a goodgoal however and was assisted by a couple of stirling backs, and Wath were only able to get through once.

The second half was not so one-sided as the first, for when Denaby scored from the penalty the Denaby forwards pressed for fully 20 min, and found the home defence a lot of work.

Towardsthe close the Denaby goal underwent several narrow escapes, whilst almost simultaneous with the referee blowing his whistle for time Finney placed the ball into the Denaby goal. There were appeals for a goal, but the referee,had pointed to the centre line, said “time” and Wath had to be content with a tie.